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Crossword Clues for NAST

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Clue Source Date
Cartoonist Thomas Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2020
Conde ___ Universal 21 Sep 2020
Democratic donkey designer Wall Street Journal 10 Sep 2020
Boss Tweed basher Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2020
Artist once called 'The President Maker' New York Times 25 Jul 2020
Magazine mogul Condé Premier Sunday 12 Jul 2020
Condé __ LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2020
Creator of the GOP elephant LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2020
Tweed's caricaturist The Washington Post 31 Dec 2019
Early illustrator of Uncle Sam New York Times 20 Dec 2019
Magazine publisher Conde ___ USA Today 15 Nov 2019
Who originated the modern image of Santa Claus New York Times 16 Aug 2019
Thomas who caricatured Tweed USA Today 11 Aug 2019
Thomas who drew Santa USA Today 25 Jul 2019
Father of the American Cartoon New York Times 04 Apr 2019
Condé — Premier Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Media magnate Conde ___ USA Today 21 Feb 2019
Publisher Conde ___ Wall Street Journal 27 Nov 2018
Allure publisher Conde ___ USA Today 22 Aug 2018
Tammany Hall cartoonist New York Times 11 Aug 2018
He skewered Tweed Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2018
Thomas who twitted Tweed USA Today 17 Jul 2018
Harper's Weekly caricaturist USA Today 04 Jul 2018
Thomas who drew Santa Claus Jonesin 19 Jun 2018
Condé __: Vanity Fair publisher The Washington Post 06 Jun 2018
Tweed lampooner The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Apr 2018
Boss Tweed mocker Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2018
Condé who once owned House & Garden The Washington Post Sunday 19 Nov 2017
Noted illustrator of party animals The Washington Post Sunday 24 Sep 2017
Cartoonist who popularized Uncle Sam New York Times 24 Aug 2017
Political cartoonist Thomas Wall Street Journal 22 Jul 2017
GOP elephant creator Newsday 16 Jul 2017
Illustrator Thomas New York Times 29 Apr 2017
Thomas who skewered Boss Tweed USA Today 26 Apr 2017
Tammany Hall Tiger artist The Washington Post 26 Mar 2017
Condé ___ (magazine publisher) New York Times 08 Mar 2017
Thomas who drew the Tammany Tiger USA Today 03 Mar 2017
Early depictor of today's Santa Claus LA Times Daily 15 Jan 2017
Republican elephant creator Newsday 15 Jan 2017
19th-century political cartoonist Wall Street Journal 07 Jan 2017
Cartoon award eponym LA Times Daily 24 Dec 2016
Thomas who twitted Boss Tweed USA Today 22 Dec 2016
Harper's Weekly cartoonist Wall Street Journal 09 Nov 2016
Harper's Weekly cartoonist Thomas New York Times 06 Nov 2016
Political caricaturist Thomas The Washington Post 13 Oct 2016
Tweed tweaker Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2016
Thomas who lampooned Tweed USA Today 22 Jun 2016
Illustrator Thomas who created the Tammany Tiger The Washington Post 02 Jun 2016
Thomas who skewered Tweed USA Today 18 May 2016
Cartoonist who lampooned Tweed Universal 28 Apr 2016
Condé ___ (magazine company) New York Times 18 Apr 2016
Tweaker of Tweed Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2016
Democratic donkey drawer LA Times Daily 31 Mar 2016
Santa sketcher Thomas Wall Street Journal 05 Mar 2016
Cartoonist who skewered Tammany Hall The Washington Post 07 Feb 2016
Publisher Condé -- Premier Sunday 07 Jun 2015
Tammany Hall caricaturist LA Times Daily 29 Jan 2015
Tammany Hall lampooner
Cartoonist who popularized the donkey and elephant symbols
Classic political cartoonist
Reconstruction-era cartoonist
Earliest-born member of the Cartoon Hall of Fame
Condé ___
Boss Tweed nemesis
Political-animal cartoonist
Condé __ Publications
"Father of the American Cartoon"
Boss Tweed skewerer
Cartoonist who lampooned Boss Tweed
Thomas who was the "father of the American cartoon"
Drawer of the Tammany Tiger
Tweed caricaturist
Condé --
Thomas with a sharp pen
Tammany tiger creator
Boss Tweed lampooner
Pro-Lincoln political cartoonist Thomas
"Condé __ Traveler"
Political mascot creator
Condé __: Vogue publisher
Thorn in Boss Tweed's side
He captured Boss Tweed
"Harper's Weekly" cartoonist Thomas
Cartoonist Lincoln called "our best recruiting sergeant"
Thomas who lampooned Boss Tweed
Santa drawer
Old Harper's Weekly cartoonist
Noted elephant designer
Creator of the G.O.P. elephant
Tweed nemesis
Tammany Hall cartoonist Thomas
Democratic donkey designer Thomas
Boss Tweed's lampooner
Boss Tweed taunter
Condé -- Traveler
G.O.P. elephant originator
Democratic donkey originator
Influential Harper's Weekly cartoonist
Cartoonist credited with the modern image of 1-Across
19th century political cartoonist Thomas
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.