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Crossword Clues for NEG

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Clue Source Date
-, for short Newsday 25 Sep 2020
Photo archive element Newsday 29 Aug 2020
Less than zero: Abbr New York Times 17 Aug 2020
Below zero: Abbr.
Not pos Premier Sunday 19 Jan 2020
Less than nothing, for short Newsday 21 Dec 2019
Pos. opposite The Washington Post 09 Dec 2019
Below zero: Abbr New York Times 20 Nov 2019
-: Abbr New York Times 22 Oct 2019
-: Abbr.
Darkroom image: Abbr Newsday 26 Aug 2019
Blood type abbr New York Times 24 Aug 2019
Put-down used to pick someone up The New Yorker 24 Jun 2019
Pos. counterpart Wall Street Journal 18 May 2019
On the left half of the no. line Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2019
Opposite of pos Universal 02 Mar 2019
Like the "-" end of a battery: Abbr Universal 08 Jan 2019
Not pos.
Opposite of pos.
Like the "-" end of a battery: Abbr.
Blood type abbr.
Backhanded compliment The New Yorker 26 Nov 2018
Abbr. in many blood type names New York Times 28 Oct 2018
Blood-typing word (Abbr.) USA Today 26 Sep 2018
Like one end of a battery: Abbr New York Times 17 Sep 2018
Blood-typing abbr New York Times 21 Jul 2018
Original of an old photo, informally New York Times 22 May 2018
ABO system abbr The Washington Post 29 Apr 2018
Blood type modifier, for short New York Times 04 Mar 2018
Like one end of a battery: Abbr.
Blood-typing abbr.
ABO system abbr.
Darkroom abbr Newsday 21 Dec 2017
Darkroom image, for short USA Today 27 Nov 2017
Reverse pic The Washington Post 08 Oct 2017
Like some battery terminals (Abbr.) USA Today 07 Oct 2017
Photog's item The Washington Post 17 Sep 2017
Battery terminal, briefly Jonesin 06 Jun 2017
Pic source The Washington Post 05 Mar 2017
Like rarer blood types: Abbr New York Times 18 Jan 2017
Like rarer blood types: Abbr.
Not pos. or neut USA Today 17 Sep 2016
Below zero (Abbr.) USA Today 06 Sep 2016
Bit of shutterbug slang Newsday 22 Jul 2016
Bit of blood-typing shorthand New York Times 10 Jun 2016
Batt. terminal LA Times Daily 22 Apr 2016
Ion descriptor: Abbr Newsday 10 Jan 2016
Not pos. or neut.
Minus: Abbr Premier Sunday 06 Dec 2015
Blood-bank abbr Newsday 21 Jun 2015
Black batt. terminal LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2015
Like some nos Premier Sunday 22 Feb 2015
Minus: Abbr.
Like some nos.
Blood-bank abbr.
Photographer's orig.
Item in a photog's file
Btry. terminal
On the left side of the no. line
Abbreviation on a car battery
Follower of A, B or AB, informally
What a "-" may indicate: Abbr.
Battery term.
Like the rarer blood types, typically: Abbr.
Photog's master
Battery pole: Abbr.
Blowup source, briefly
Photo opp.?
Abbr. on a battery
Minus, for short
What "-" may mean: Abbr.
Polar abbr.
OR abbr.
Battery terminal (abbr.)
Darkroom master (Abbr.)
Like nos. below zero
___, on an AA batt.
Below zero (abbr.)
Like some ions: Abbr.
Less than zero: Abbr.
Photo orig.
Opp. of 52 Across
Battery terminal: Abbr.
No. beginning with a "-"
Subzero (abbr.)
Car battery abbr.
Photog's original, before digital
Photo image, briefly
Unlike absolute values: Abbr.
Studio orig.
Darkroom item: Abbr.
Like some battery terminals (abbr.)
Like some charges: abbr.
Print source, briefly
Abbr. after A or B
Lacking an Rh factor: abbr.
Photog's image
One pole: Abbr.
Photog's original
Like some elec. charges
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