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Crossword Clues for NERDS

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Clue Source Date
Bookish sorts New York Times 18 Nov 2020
Candy sold in ropes USA Today 12 Nov 2020
Dweebs Eugene Sheffer 29 Oct 2020
Brainy introverts Newsday 22 Oct 2020
Uncool group Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2020
Ones who rarely skip class LA Times Daily 03 Oct 2020
Uncool people Newsday 25 Aug 2020
Brainy bunch Wall Street Journal 29 Jul 2020
Fruit-flavored candy in a box USA Today 29 Jun 2020
Uncool sorts Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2020
Boringly studious people The Times Concise 13 Feb 2020
Candy with a short-lived chewy version called Dweebs USA Today 11 Dec 2019
Stereotypical Pi Day celebrants The Washington Post 10 Dec 2019
Types who think school is too cool New York Times 27 Oct 2019
Geeky-sounding candy The Washington Post 23 Sep 2019
Stereotypical mathletes Universal 14 Sep 2019
Crossword constructors, perhaps Universal 04 Sep 2019
Modern-day squares USA Today 08 Aug 2019
Obsessive experts Newsday 04 Aug 2019
Bookish bunch Thomas Joseph 06 Jun 2019
Grape or strawberry candy Universal 04 Jun 2019
Unlikely homecoming court members New York Times 23 May 2019
Small, sour candies Universal 26 Apr 2019
Geeky students Newsday 23 Apr 2019
Some characters in the film 'Real Genius' The Washington Post Sunday 21 Apr 2019
Jocks' antitheses Wall Street Journal 13 Apr 2019
Enthusiasts, unflatteringly Newsday 16 Mar 2019
__ out: gets excited in a geeky way, in slang The Washington Post 23 Feb 2019
Binges on Sporcle quizzes, say, with 'out' New York Times 18 Jan 2019
Candy in two-compartment boxes
Binges on Sporcle quizzes, say, with "out"
Geeky sorts Universal 13 Nov 2018
Adorkable types The Washington Post 06 Sep 2018
Square figures Newsday 28 Jul 2018
Computer whizzes, stereotypically USA Today 19 Mar 2018
Colorful Nestlé candy typically with two flavors to a box The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Feb 2018
Brainiacs, typically Thomas Joseph 20 Dec 2017
Certain high school clique New York Times 19 Nov 2017
Mathletes, stereotypically USA Today 12 Aug 2017
Some social misfits Universal 30 Jul 2017
Bullies' targets, often Wall Street Journal 19 Jul 2017
Tech entrepreneurs, stereotypically Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2017
Willy Wonka candy brand Wall Street Journal 22 Apr 2017
Societal goofballs USA Today 04 Apr 2017
Smart guys who have trouble scoring The Washington Post 14 Feb 2017
Bookish group Thomas Joseph 27 Jan 2017
Stereotypical pocket protector wearers Universal 05 Jan 2017
Geeks Newsday 27 Nov 2016
Unhip sorts USA Today 21 Sep 2016
Brainy high school clique New York Times 16 Sep 2016
Some intellectuals LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2016
Social goofballs USA Today 08 Aug 2016
Geeky types Universal 31 Jul 2016
Studious stereotypes Universal 24 Jun 2016
People considered boring because of obsessive hobbies or narrow solitary interests The Guardian Speedy 14 Feb 2016
"Out crowd" members Universal 28 Jan 2016
"Revenge of the ___" USA Today 11 Jan 2016
Techies, stereotypically New York Times 27 Dec 2015
Tiny Willy Wonka candies Jonesin 01 Dec 2015
Squares The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Nov 2015
Poindexters New York Times 19 Oct 2015
Hardly hipsters Universal 10 Aug 2015
"The Big Bang Theory" males
"The Big Bang Theory" guys, e.g.
"Big Bang Theory" types
Pocket-protector brigade
Willy Wonka Candy Company candy
Eggheaded sorts
Colorful, pebble-like candies
Unhip types
Uncool types
Ones who got revenge in a 1984 comedy
Unlikely prom kings (though there are exceptions)
The out crowd?
Unhip ones
Most characters on "The Big Bang Theory"
Big Bang Theory characters, for example
Unlikely prom kings
Revenge seekers in a 1984 movie
"Revenge of the ___" (1984 comedy)
Stereotypical squares
In-group outcasts
Computer geeks
Comic-Con habitues, stereotypically
"Study, study, study" types
Squares of sorts
Overly intellectual sorts
Square ones
Wonka candy sometimes stuck to a licorice rope
Whizzes at quizzes?
Poindexter types
Overly studious types
"Revenge of the ___" (1984 film)
"The Big Bang Theory" guys
Victims of jocks, perhaps
High-school outcasts, stereotypically
Willy Wonka Candy Company brand
Unlikely class presidents
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.