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Crossword Clues for NESTEGG

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Clue Source Date
Golden years fund Universal 29 Sep 2020
Obtains inside information for rise in savings The Sun Two Speed 20 Aug 2020
Money saved The Sun Two Speed 20 Aug 2020
Retirement savings The Telegraph Quick 25 Jul 2020
Fund for the future Family Time 13 Apr 2020
Little something put away for later New York Times 27 Mar 2020
Money saved up (informal) The Sun Two Speed 29 Dec 2019
Gathers in information to back savings The Sun Two Speed 29 Dec 2019
Money for later (2 words) Family Time 09 Dec 2019
Financial planning target The Washington Post 11 Oct 2019
Money saved (informal) The Sun Two Speed 12 Aug 2019
Gets inside information for return in savings The Sun Two Speed 12 Aug 2019
IRA, perhaps Universal 06 Jul 2019
Little something to help later on New York Times 05 Apr 2019
Reserve sent out before push The Telegraph Toughie 28 Feb 2019
Roth IRA, e.g USA Today 12 Feb 2019
Roth IRA, e.g.
Savings for a rainy day New York Times 31 Oct 2018
Money for the future Universal 03 Oct 2018
Savings New York Times 17 Mar 2018
Sent all over the place to encourage savings The Sun Two Speed 11 Feb 2018
Information that's gathered obtains rising savings The Telegraph Toughie 02 Jan 2018
IRA, e.g USA Today 31 Aug 2017
Fund put by in reserve Irish Times Simplex 28 Jul 2017
Rainy day reserve Universal 14 Jun 2017
Fund put by as reserve Irish Times Simplex 17 Apr 2017
IRA, e.g.
Savings deposited among the branches? The Telegraph Toughie 01 Dec 2016
Retirement fund LA Times Daily 25 Oct 2016
Gathers in information over savings The Telegraph Cryptic 24 May 2016
Obtains inside information set up for savings The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Feb 2016
Gets gen about savings The Sun Two Speed 30 Jan 2016
Cash put by The Sun Two Speed 30 Jan 2016
Sent away, for example, on Government savings Irish Times Crosaire 10 Oct 2015
Individual retirement account, say New York Times 08 Sep 2015
Rainy day protection New York Times 19 May 2015
Sum saved for the future The Times Concise 23 Jan 2015
Is it to encourage laying in a little money? The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Jan 2015
Rainy-day money
Savings for the future
Retiree's accumulation
Funds that have been squirreled away for later
Reserve fund
An IRA may be part of it
Rainy-day account
Something for a rainy day
Cash cache
Resource on the horizon
Reserve for the future
*Savings for later in life
Rainy-day provision
Rainy-day stash
Life savings
Individual retirement account, e.g.
Rainy-day fund
IRA, say
Tidy savings
Salted-away savings
It's saved for later use
Savings account
Money put away
Rainy day resource
Golden-age security
Rainy day fund
Money in reserve
Retiree's resource
You may use it after retiring
Savings, and a clue to puzzle theme
Annuity, e.g.
Savings of a sort
Mutual fund holdings, often
Retirement account
Money put aside
Valued savings
Rainy-day insurance
Rainy-day reserve
Something in reserve
Rainy-day asset
Starter of a sort
Money of a kind.
Hidden hoard.
Rainy day money.
Rainy-day fund.
Contents of a piggy bank.
Special savings.
Savings account.
A reserve.
Something for a rainy day.
Momma's bank account.
Something held as a reserve.
Some of it may be spent on your grandchildren
Roth, e.g.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.