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Crossword Clues for NIPS

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Clue Source Date
Tiny bites Newsday 18 Nov 2020
Pinches Eugene Sheffer 29 Oct 2020
Backspin shots? The Telegraph Toughie 23 Sep 2020
Cheese ___ (snack) New York Times 16 Sep 2020
Flies turn circles The Telegraph Toughie 23 Jul 2020
Edges out Newsday 19 Jul 2020
Bites playfully USA Today 01 Jun 2020
Bites USA Today 03 May 2020
Wee bites Thomas Joseph 30 Apr 2020
Chills in the air Universal 29 Nov 2019
Kittens' bites USA Today 12 Nov 2019
Barely defeats New York Times 23 Oct 2019
Hits from a flask The Washington Post Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Playful bites Wall Street Journal 19 Oct 2019
Little bites The Washington Post 13 Oct 2019
Quick tastes Thomas Joseph 28 Jun 2019
Puppies' bites USA Today 01 Jun 2019
Bites like a puppy Universal 25 May 2019
Makes off with Newsday 30 Mar 2019
Slice feature, literally Wall Street Journal 14 Mar 2019
Squeaks by in competition Newsday 10 Jan 2019
Cheesy Nabisco crackers USA Today 08 Jan 2019
Puppy bites Newsday 01 Jan 2019
Quick drinks
Wins, barely Universal 12 Dec 2018
Barely beats Universal 30 Sep 2018
Just beats Universal 26 Sep 2018
Just gets by Newsday 10 Aug 2018
Sips from a flask USA Today 12 Jul 2018
Defeats by a hair New York Times 23 Feb 2018
Little snorts The Washington Post 11 Feb 2018
Seizes head of partner in crime, making retreat The Telegraph Toughie 14 Dec 2017
Scotch samples Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2017
Wintry chills USA Today 20 Nov 2017
Sips from flasks USA Today 07 Sep 2017
Defeats in a squeaker USA Today 03 Sep 2017
Spin backward? Universal 03 Aug 2017
Just edges, in a race Universal 12 Jul 2017
Slight bites or drinks Universal 06 Jul 2017
Small drinks New York Times 09 Jun 2017
Narrowly bests Newsday 30 Apr 2017
Defeats narrowly Newsday 30 Mar 2017
Beats by a nose Thomas Joseph 10 Feb 2017
Small swigs New York Times 23 Oct 2016
Itty-bitty bites New York Times 03 Aug 2016
Small bites Newsday 07 Jun 2016
Bitty bites USA Today 23 Mar 2016
Edges Newsday 27 Feb 2016
Bites lightly Universal 27 Feb 2016
Tucks' partners Universal 02 Feb 2016
Tastes of liquor Newsday 03 Jan 2016
Wee drinks The Washington Post 15 Nov 2015
Beats by a hair USA Today 18 Oct 2015
Not big shots Newsday 26 Sep 2015
Nabisco's Cheese ___ New York Times 21 Apr 2015
Puppy's attacks Eugene Sheffer 03 Apr 2015
Apt rhyme for "sips"
Harmless dog bites
Bites from puppies
Cheese ___ (Nabisco product)
Little belts
Tiny drinks
Little drinks
Light bites
Sots' shots
Beats at the buzzer, say
Playful puppy bites
Partner of tucks
Narrowly defeats
Short snorts
Beats, but barely
Swigs from flasks
Small belts?
Hooch hits
___ in the bud
Puppyish bites
Wins by a nose
Bites, like a puppy
Cheese ___
Shots for sots
Little sips, as of booze
Puppy's bites
Not big bites
Bites with the cold
A puppy does it
Touches of winter
Flask hits
Tastes from a flask
Very modest drinks
Flask quickies
Small snorts
Sips of sambuca, e.g.
Teeny bites
Shih Tzu bites
Small shots of booze
Barely catches
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.