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Crossword Clues for NITRO

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Clue Source Date
Blaster's buy Newsday 04 Oct 2020
TNT component The Washington Post 29 Sep 2020
Stuff in dynamite, briefly Universal 19 Sep 2020
Explosive compound, briefly The Washington Post 08 Sep 2020
Part of TNT Newsday 02 Sep 2020
Six Flags Great Adventure roller coaster with 'explosive' speed New York Times 13 May 2020
Explosive fluid Newsday 22 Apr 2020
Explosive liquid, for short Newsday 14 Apr 2020
Volatile liquid Newsday 27 Dec 2019
Explosion maker, briefly The Washington Post 26 Dec 2019
Funny-car fuel, briefly Universal 05 Dec 2019
Fuel for funny cars New York Times 26 Sep 2019
Dodge SUV Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2019
Liquid explosive, for short Newsday 16 Jul 2019
The "N" in TNT Universal 28 Jan 2019
Compound Nobel worked with Newsday 26 Jan 2019
Explosive stuff Thomas Joseph 15 Jan 2019
Lead-in to glycerin New York Times 31 Dec 2018
Explosive centre of core container's going up The Telegraph Toughie 06 Dec 2018
Dynamite stuff, briefly The Washington Post Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Subject of Nobel experiments Newsday 29 Sep 2018
The 'N' in 'TNT' The Washington Post 10 Sep 2018
The "N" in "TNT" LA Times Daily 10 Sep 2018
Dynamite ingredient Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2018
Explosive name Universal 30 Jun 2018
Drag racer's fuel, briefly The Washington Post 26 Jun 2018
Drag racer's fuel Premier Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Liquid asset in a booming business? Newsday 09 Jun 2018
Dimwit stripped iron to make explosive The Telegraph Toughie 10 May 2018
Hot-rod fuel, for short USA Today 08 May 2018
Explosive matter, briefly The Washington Post 29 Apr 2018
Boom-er? Universal 14 Apr 2018
Explosive liquid, briefly The Washington Post 10 Apr 2018
TNT part Universal 29 Mar 2018
The N of TNT The Washington Post Sunday 25 Feb 2018
Drag-racing fuel, briefly The Washington Post 17 Feb 2018
Explosive liquid Wall Street Journal 14 Feb 2018
"Glycerine" start Universal 12 Feb 2018
The 'N' of TNT New York Times 06 Nov 2017
It can be explosive Universal 14 Sep 2017
Drag-racing fuel Newsday 03 Aug 2017
Blasting stuff Thomas Joseph 07 Apr 2017
Prefix with "glycerine" Universal 25 Jan 2017
The "N" of TNT
It blows things up, in brief New York Times 06 Nov 2016
Fool runs over explosive The Telegraph Toughie 18 Oct 2016
Stuff in smokeless gunpowders Newsday 08 Oct 2016
Volatile stuff, for short Newsday 15 Sep 2016
Volatile stuff Newsday 21 Jul 2016
Explosive stuff, for short USA Today 01 Jun 2016
Big bang cause, briefly
Racecar fuel Premier Sunday 27 Dec 2015
Explosive, for short Newsday 13 Dec 2015
Volatile liquid, for short Newsday 09 Dec 2015
Explosive liquid, informally USA Today 05 Oct 2015
Funny-car fuel, informally New York Times 16 Aug 2015
Big bang material, informally New York Times 24 Jun 2015
Dynamite constituent Eugene Sheffer 15 Jun 2015
Rocket fuel ingredient, for short USA Today 30 Apr 2015
"Glycerine" opener USA Today 31 Mar 2015
T*T New York Times 03 Feb 2015
Dragster's fuel, briefly
Boost provider
It's a blast?
Dragster's fuel
Big bang material
Gladiator on "American Gladiators"
Onetime Dodge S.U.V.
Dynamite component, briefly
Short blaster?
Powerful explosive, familiarly
Marvel supervillain
Dynamite stuff
Dragster fuel
Big bang maker
Ingredient in some heart meds
Dynamite ingredient, for short
Dodge SUV model
Explosive liquid, familiarly
Explosive prefix?
Dodge S.U.V.
"Explosive" roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure
Rocket-fuel ingredient
Short explosive?
Powerful liquid, for short
Liquid dynamite, for short
Explosive compound, in brief
Blast cause, briefly
Cordite component
Liquid ingredient of dynamite
Prefix with "glycerin"
It makes quite a bang
TNT component?
Explosive stuff, briefly
Explosive used in dynamite, for short
Common vasodilator
Chemical found in rocket propellants
Roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure
Yegg's "soup"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.