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Crossword Clues for NOELS

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Clue Source Date
Christmas concert tunes The Washington Post Sunday 30 Aug 2020
Numbers on angels Newsday 08 Aug 2020
December renditions Newsday 28 Jun 2020
Holiday jingles Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2019
Christmas seasons Newsday 20 Nov 2019
Numbers on Black Friday Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2019
Seasonal songs Eugene Sheffer 03 May 2019
Common tracks on snow Newsday 23 Feb 2019
Christmas songs Newsday 25 Dec 2018
Christmas carols New York Times 04 Dec 2018
December airs USA Today 13 Nov 2018
Yuletide warblings Universal 26 Sep 2018
Yule tunes Premier Sunday 02 Sep 2018
Carolers' offerings Newsday 12 Aug 2018
Winter melodies The Washington Post 23 Apr 2018
December tunes Universal 02 Mar 2018
Holiday numbers Universal 03 Feb 2018
"Deck the Halls" et al USA Today 02 Jan 2018
"Deck the Halls" et al.
December songs Newsday 10 Sep 2017
Seasonal tunes Premier Sunday 26 Feb 2017
Festive 53-Downs Premier Sunday 01 Jan 2017
Songs heard in December Universal 13 Dec 2016
Carolers' repertoire New York Times 22 Nov 2016
Carols Premier Sunday 06 Nov 2016
Certain seasonal numbers Newsday 16 Oct 2016
Year-end tunes Universal 01 Oct 2016
Seasonal music Wall Street Journal 09 Mar 2016
Winter songs Universal 07 Jan 2016
Winter airs Wall Street Journal 10 Aug 2015
Yuletide songs USA Today 15 Mar 2015
Many radio songs after Thanksgiving New York Times 25 Feb 2015
Numbers written on an important delivery? Newsday 07 Feb 2015
Carolers' selections
Carolers' tunes
Nativity numbers
Carolers' songs
Much December radio fare
Holiday melodies
Carolers' numbers
Caroler's repertoire
Yuletide strains
Year-end airs
Yuletide tunes
Wassailer's arsenal
Gallagher and Coward
Yuletide refrains
They're in the air at yuletide
December carols
Carolers' melodies
Yudetide carols
"Silent Night" and "Jingle Bells"
Seasonal songs ... or a hint to 17-, 25-, 46- and 59-Across
Choral repertoire
Yuletide carols
End-of-year numbers
12/24 repertoire
Offerings from carolers
"Joy to the World" and others
Songs from rosy-cheeked singers, maybe
Midwinter carols
Holiday fare
Many mention baby Jesus
Yule songs
December celebrations
Yuletide airs
Year-end songs
Numbers of carolers
Caroler's tunes
Periods from Dec. 24 to Jan. 6
Seasonal airs
Holiday airs
Many mention Christ
Door-to-door offerings, maybe
Coward and others
Porch songs?
Holiday songs
Present times
Seasons of celebration
Christmas singing
Coward et al.
Seasonal periods
Carolers' pieces
Winter strains
Caroling songs
They come on the 25th
Songs sung by candlelight
Holiday entertainments
House-to-house offerings, maybe
Airs for December
"Silent Night" and "Away in a Manger"
Silent Night et al.
Harrison and Coward
Yule seasons
Coward and Harrison
Harrison et al.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.