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Crossword Clues for NOLIE

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Clue Source Date
'It's true, I swear!' USA Today 12 Oct 2020
"Honestly!" Universal 21 Sep 2020
''Really?'' Newsday 11 Sep 2020
'I'm telling the truth!' New York Times 28 Jun 2020
"It's the truth!" LA Times Daily 02 Jun 2020
'It's the truth!' The Washington Post 02 Jun 2020
"I swear!" LA Times Daily 17 May 2020
'I swear!' The Washington Post 17 May 2020
"I'm not kidding!" LA Times Daily 25 Mar 2020
'I'm not kidding!' The Washington Post 25 Mar 2020
'For real!' USA Today 10 Mar 2020
"Cross my heart!"
'It's true!' USA Today 28 Dec 2019
'I'm serious!' USA Today 24 Nov 2019
"For real!" LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2019
'That's the truth!' New York Times 04 Nov 2019
"That's the truth!"
'Honest!' New York Times 25 Sep 2019
“Honest?” Wall Street Journal 24 Sep 2019
"Honest!" LA Times Daily 14 Aug 2019
''That's the truth!'' Newsday 30 Apr 2019
"Scout's honor!" Universal 25 Apr 2019
'That's a fact!' USA Today 05 Mar 2019
'That's the honest truth!' USA Today 21 Feb 2019
"That's the honest truth!"
"That's a fact!"
"I'm serious!"
'Cross my heart!' USA Today 24 Dec 2018
'Honestly!' The Washington Post 25 Aug 2018
'I kid you not!' USA Today 11 Jul 2018
'I kid you not' The Washington Post 04 Jun 2018
"I kid you not" LA Times Daily 04 Jun 2018
'Honestly' New York Times 04 Mar 2018
"I kid you not!"
'Really!' New York Times 24 Dec 2017
"On my honor!" USA Today 08 Dec 2017
'And that's the truth!' Thomas Joseph 25 Aug 2017
'Seriously!' The Washington Post 30 Jul 2017
"Seriously!" LA Times Daily 30 Jul 2017
"Cross my heart" USA Today 06 Jun 2017
"It's on the level!" USA Today 01 May 2017
''It's true!'' Newsday 23 Nov 2016
''It's the truth!'' Newsday 23 Feb 2016
'Dead serious!' New York Times 26 Jan 2016
''Cross my heart'' Newsday 17 Jan 2016
"Dead serious!"
'Truly' New York Times 25 Oct 2015
"God's honest truth" Universal 04 Jun 2015
''I swear!'' Newsday 19 Apr 2015
"I'm on the level!"
"Cross my heart"
'I swear it!'
"Honest to goodness!"
2012 2 Chainz single
"Everyone's a winner, baby, that's ___" (Hot Chocolate lyric)
"And that's the truth!"
"I swear it's true!"
Response to a skeptic
"On my honor"
"I'll swear on a stack of Bibles!"
"It's true!"
"And that's ___" ("Believe you me")
"I mean it!"
'That's true!'
"This is on the level"
"God's honest truth!"
"It's really true!"
"Honest, it's the truth!"
"It's the truth"
"I'm telling the truth!"
"I'm on the level!"
"__ ever grows old": Euripides
"I'm really serious!"
"Swear to God"
"Swear to God!"
"And I am not kidding!"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.