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Crossword Clues for NUN

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Clue Source Date
One used to old habits? New York Times 20 Oct 2020
'Change of Habit' role The Washington Post Sunday 18 Oct 2020
Religious woman The Sun Two Speed 14 Oct 2020
Convent girl a creature of habit The Sun Two Speed 14 Oct 2020
Sister, of sorts Thomas Joseph 06 Oct 2020
Convent figure Universal 24 Sep 2020
Palindromic vow-taker USA Today 03 Sep 2020
Certain lady wearing black and white Family Time 24 Aug 2020
One living an orderly life? The Washington Post 16 Aug 2020
Sister Sophia in 'The Sound of Music,' e.g The Washington Post Sunday 26 Jul 2020
Convent resident Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2020
Cloister resident Eugene Sheffer 13 Jul 2020
Cloister sister Premier Sunday 12 Jul 2020
Religious female The Sun Two Speed 08 Jul 2020
Creature of habit in green underwear The Sun Two Speed 08 Jul 2020
Cloistered female The Washington Post 03 Jul 2020
Sister The Telegraph Quick 29 Jun 2020
Lady with a habit? Family Time 07 Jun 2020
Abbey resident Newsday 10 May 2020
Ursuline, e.g Premier Sunday 10 May 2020
Mother Teresa, famously Family Time 27 Apr 2020
Cloistered one, perhaps New York Times 14 Apr 2020
Sister, of a sort Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2020
Sister Helen Prejean, for one USA Today 25 Mar 2020
'Sister Act' extra The Washington Post 22 Mar 2020
"Sister Act" extra LA Times Daily 22 Mar 2020
Convent member USA Today 05 Mar 2020
'Sister Act' role The Washington Post Sunday 01 Mar 2020
Sister in an order Wall Street Journal 30 Dec 2019
Joshua’s father in the Old Testament The Times Specialist Sunday 29 Dec 2019
One with a habit Wall Street Journal 28 Dec 2019
Vow taker The Washington Post 22 Dec 2019
Whoopi Goldberg, Audrey Hepburn and Deborah Kerr have all played ___s in films The Times Specialist Sunday 15 Dec 2019
What to call some sisters Newsday 30 Nov 2019
Certain mother or sister Newsday 21 Nov 2019
Mother Teresa, for one New York Times 28 Oct 2019
Sister with a habit Universal 25 Oct 2019
Sister some Unitarian Universalist The Sun Two Speed 09 Oct 2019
Holy sister Wall Street Journal 02 Oct 2019
Member of an order USA Today 27 Sep 2019
Member of religious order The Telegraph Quick 07 Sep 2019
Poor Clares member New York Times 07 Sep 2019
Religious sister Irish Times Simplex 05 Sep 2019
One who completed the novitiate The Washington Post Sunday 01 Sep 2019
Convent-ional sort New York Times 01 Sep 2019
Catholic school teacher, perhaps USA Today 02 Aug 2019
Cloister figure Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2019
Mother Superior, perhaps The Telegraph Quick 11 Jul 2019
Sister in conundrum The Sun Two Speed 10 Jul 2019
'The Sound of Music' extra Jonesin 11 Jun 2019
Creature of habit in conundrum The Sun Two Speed 30 May 2019
Convent manager Eugene Sheffer 14 May 2019
A type of tapering marine buoy, marking the starboard side of a channel into a harbour The Times Specialist Sunday 12 May 2019
Woman in a priory USA Today 30 Mar 2019
Newshound showed off to one of those from The Abbey Irish Times Crosaire 23 Mar 2019
Individual in a cloister The Washington Post Sunday 17 Mar 2019
Habit wearer The Washington Post 17 Mar 2019
14th Hebrew letter Canadiana 04 Mar 2019
Cloistered woman USA Today 26 Feb 2019
Woman with her habits in order? Wall Street Journal 21 Feb 2019
Vow of chastity taker
Saintly sister Wall Street Journal 26 Dec 2018
An Ursuline or Poor Clare The Times Specialist Sunday 16 Dec 2018
Creature of habit in Open University The Sun Two Speed 02 Dec 2018
Convent dweller Newsday 04 Sep 2018
Real nice sister? Universal 26 Aug 2018
Monk kin Universal 25 Aug 2018
One creature of habit! The Sun Two Speed 24 Aug 2018
Wimple wearer New York Times 09 Aug 2018
Sally Field's flying character USA Today 29 Jul 2018
Sister, really Universal 10 Jul 2018
Mother Teresa was one Family Time 01 Jul 2018
Mother or sister New York Times 24 Jun 2018
Mother Teresa, notably USA Today 16 Jun 2018
Woman with a habit? The Washington Post 22 May 2018
Sister in a convent Family Time 06 May 2018
Novice, perhaps New York Times 25 Apr 2018
''Maria'' singer in ''The Sound of Music'' Newsday 20 Apr 2018
One getting into a habit? Family Time 01 Apr 2018
Holy woman The Sun Two Speed 17 Feb 2018
Convent member in northern International body The Sun Two Speed 17 Feb 2018
Many a 'Call the Midwife' character The Washington Post 15 Feb 2018
Many a "Call the Midwife" character LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2018
76 Down wearer The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jan 2018
Taker of religious vows New York Times 18 Dec 2017
Sister or mother The Washington Post Sunday 05 Nov 2017
Habit inhabitant Thomas Joseph 01 Nov 2017
14th Greek letter Canadiana 23 Oct 2017
In the Old Testament the father of Joshua The Telegraph General Knowledge 24 Sep 2017
Order member New York Times 30 Jul 2017
"The Sound of Music" extra LA Times Daily 09 Jul 2017
Certain sister Family Time 17 Apr 2017
Carmelite, perhaps The Washington Post 30 Mar 2017
Extra in 'The Sound of Music' New York Times 19 Mar 2017
Letter on a dreidel New York Times 05 Mar 2017
One in an order LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2017
Religious school teacher, perhaps LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2017
Blue __: German wine brand LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2017
Woman in an order USA Today 02 Jan 2017
Extra in "The Sound of Music"
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