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Crossword Clues for OATMEAL

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Clue Source Date
Breakfast bowlful USA Today 01 Nov 2020
Pale brown The Sun Two Speed 27 Oct 2020
Oscar sitting down to eat cereal The Sun Two Speed 27 Oct 2020
Fawn; food The Telegraph Quick 25 Sep 2020
Stat for a starter New York Times 27 Aug 2020
It's boiled for porridge Irish Times Simplex 18 Aug 2020
Mushy fare The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jun 2020
Love a duck eating last of cream and porridge The Telegraph Cryptic 20 May 2020
Breakfast order Eugene Sheffer 05 Dec 2019
Porridge no-one eats? The Sun Two Speed 30 Jul 2019
Porridge nobody eats, apparently? The Telegraph Toughie 23 Apr 2019
Nothing at dinner is eaten for breakfast Irish Times Crosaire 10 Nov 2018
Endless meatloaf served up as breakfast food The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Sep 2018
Breakfast fare Newsday 19 Aug 2018
Kind of cookie The Washington Post 05 Aug 2018
Surprised at a mole having to do porridge The Guardian Cryptic 24 May 2018
Winter breakfast Thomas Joseph 23 Dec 2017
Porridge or nothing at breakfast? The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Jul 2017
Hot breakfast staple Universal 18 Feb 2017
Porridge ingredient The Telegraph Quick 29 Aug 2016
Greyish-fawn colour The Times Concise 17 Aug 2016
Cereal served hot LA Times Daily 06 Jun 2016
Hot breakfast Thomas Joseph 30 Apr 2016
Old tamale recycled as breakfast food The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Jan 2016
Basic food Mao et al cooked The Times Cryptic 15 Jan 2016
Gruel base Premier Sunday 10 Jan 2016
Greyish-fawn colour flecked with brown The Times Concise 29 Jun 2015
Breakfast choice LA Times Daily 06 Jun 2015
Old retired volunteers with tea, say, being pale brown The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Mar 2015
Breakfast fare where you might take your lumps? Jonesin 15 Jan 2015
Hearty breakfast dish
Quaker product
Breakfast serving
Haggis ingredient
Dish eaten with a spoon
Bath that soothes sunburn
Cookie choice
Quaker breakfast offering
Common haggis ingredient
Thick breakfast
Common breakfast fare
Grayish-fawn shade
Cookie ingredient, often
Morning mush
Porridge, essentially
It's often sweetened with brown sugar
Healthy breakfast choice
It may lead to a lump in your throat
Cookie type
Grits alternative
Warm breakfast
Morning bowlful
Hasty pudding ingredient
Shade of brown
Hot bowlful
Hot breakfast food
Cookie ingredient
No-frills breakfast
Quaker cereal
Breakfast dish
Breakfast staple
Hot cereal
Fiber source
Base for some cookies
Breakfast mush
Breakfast food
Breakfast cereal
Breakfast food.
Breakfast dish.
Ingredient of certain cookies.
Standard diet of the Scotch.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.