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Crossword Clues for OLDHAT

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Clue Source Date
Trite Wall Street Journal 14 Sep 2020
Lacking freshness New York Times 13 Sep 2020
Hold off getting a car that's no longer in fashion Irish Times Crosaire 27 May 2020
Out of fashion, as ancient headgear Irish Times Simplex 07 Apr 2020
Dated crazy hot lad Irish Times Crosaire 09 Mar 2020
Antediluvian The Telegraph Quick 19 Jan 2020
Outmoded beret that should be thrown out? The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Nov 2019
Out of fashion, like ancient headgear Irish Times Simplex 05 Sep 2019
Unfashionable lot had reformed The Sun Two Speed 02 Sep 2019
Outmoded (informal) The Sun Two Speed 02 Sep 2019
Hackneyed Premier Sunday 24 Mar 2019
So last year Universal 04 Feb 2019
Rather stale Newsday 25 Jan 2019
No longer trendy: lot had changed The Sun Two Speed 24 Jan 2019
Dated bonnet that's somewhat battered? The Telegraph Toughie 19 Dec 2018
Tediously outdated The Times Concise 05 Oct 2018
No longer interesting Universal 24 Aug 2018
Passe Universal 03 Aug 2018
Out of date Premier Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Nothing new The Washington Post 03 May 2018
Out-of-date (2 words) Family Time 09 Apr 2018
After storm hit methodical mice scuttled out of the ark The Telegraph Toughie 23 Mar 2018
Unfashionable deerstalker, perhaps The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Feb 2018
So yesterday USA Today 24 Aug 2017
One-time bowler possibly superannuated The Times Cryptic 03 May 2017
Out-of-date New York Times 24 Apr 2017
Quite trite and familiar Universal 04 Jan 2017
Outdated (2 words) Family Time 01 Jan 2017
Passe, out of fashion The Telegraph General Knowledge 03 Jul 2016
Dated most of those characters in 10 across - how predictable is that Irish Times Crosaire 22 Jun 2016
Like yesterday's news Universal 26 Jan 2016
Stale New York Times 14 Jan 2016
Made by 16th century milliner - how predictable! Irish Times Crosaire 25 Mar 2015
Suffering losses up front, sold what is no longer fresh The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Mar 2015
Bowler, say, getting past it The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Mar 2015
Passé New York Times 20 Jan 2015
Hold a rave on square, as it's not fashionable locally Irish Times Crosaire 17 Jan 2015
Been there, done that
Quite familiar
No longer in style
No longer in fashion
"So 1990's!"
Behind the times
Quite trite
No longer cool
Trite: sl.
Like last year's styles
Passé: Slang.
Outmoded: Slang.
Stale, passé: British slang.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.