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Crossword Clues for ORT

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Clue Source Date
Scrap Eugene Sheffer 27 Nov 2020
Dinner scrap Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2020
Small food scrap Family Time 18 Oct 2020
Food particle Canadiana 21 Sep 2020
Uneaten morsel LA Times Daily 25 Aug 2020
Meal crumb Premier Sunday 26 Jul 2020
Morsel dropped at dinner Family Time 06 Jul 2020
Food scrap The Washington Post 13 Jun 2020
Crumb Canadiana 14 Oct 2019
Dinner crumb Family Time 16 Jun 2019
Scrap of food The Washington Post 03 Jun 2019
F __ (certain test choices) Newsday 02 Jun 2019
Table scrap Thomas Joseph 01 Apr 2019
Supper scrap Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2019
Leftover food bit The Washington Post 19 Dec 2018
Scrap for Rover The Washington Post 16 Dec 2018
House pooch's scrap Universal 31 Oct 2018
Food morsel Universal 21 Apr 2018
Food crumb Universal 04 Apr 2018
A scrap of food The Times Specialist Sunday 04 Feb 2018
Uneaten bit The Washington Post 28 Jan 2018
Meal scrap Universal 27 Nov 2017
Bit of food Canadiana 02 Oct 2017
Leftover on the dinner table Universal 07 Sep 2017
Doggie bag bit Universal 19 Jul 2017
Leftover bit Premier Sunday 28 May 2017
Wee bit of food Universal 31 Mar 2017
Small scrap of food Universal 16 Mar 2017
Leftover morsel The Washington Post 06 Mar 2017
Dinner plate scrap LA Times Daily 30 Jan 2017
Table crumb Universal 18 Jan 2017
Leftover scrap of food Universal 16 Dec 2016
Small food crumb Universal 12 Nov 2016
Leftover meal crumb Universal 10 Nov 2016
Morsel LA Times Daily 05 Oct 2016
Crumb on a dinner table Universal 22 Sep 2016
Dinner remnant Universal 16 Aug 2016
Meal remnant Wall Street Journal 10 Aug 2016
Dinner table dropping Universal 20 Jul 2016
Dinner table crumb Universal 25 Jun 2016
Bit for the dog bowl USA Today 01 Mar 2016
Fido's find LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2016
Doggy-bag scrap Universal 11 Dec 2015
Leftover tidbit Universal 02 Dec 2015
Dinner plate scraping USA Today 27 Nov 2015
Leftover crumb USA Today 27 Oct 2015
Plate scrap USA Today 14 Oct 2015
Morsel of food Universal 18 Sep 2015
Nibble for Rover USA Today 15 Jul 2015
Repast remnant New York Times 12 Jun 2015
Plate crumb Universal 11 May 2015
Leftover for Rover Universal 20 Jan 2015
Bit for the barker USA Today 19 Jan 2015
Remnant for a house pooch Universal 15 Jan 2015
Scrap for Fido LA Times Daily 10 Jan 2015
Uneaten scrap
Scrap at the table
Doggie bag morsel
Eating scrap
Food bit
Scrap for the dog bowl
Plate scraping
Food bit for Fido
Fido's scrap
Fido's dinnertime extra
Food you can barely taste
Diner's snippet
Doggy bag bit
Meal leftover
Meal morsel
Kitty's bit
Scrap for Spot
Dining table scrap
Table leftover
Supper crumb
Scrap scarfed by Spot
Scrap for the pooch
Doggie-bag morsel
Tiny morsel
Doggy bag item
Scrap for the dog, say
Dinner-plate scrap
Doggie bag scrap
Crossworder's food scrap
Bite for Bowser
Table dropping
Doggie-bag scrap
Doggie-bag bit
Meal bit
Little bit
Boxer's scrap
Leaving after lunch?
Bit for the silent butler
Something to chew on
Fun food for Fido
Food scrap for Fido
Bit of a bite
Alimentary particle?
Odd morsel
Scrap for Scotty
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.