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Crossword Clues for OVULE

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Clue Source Date
Seed-to-be The Washington Post 25 Oct 2020
Small egg The Washington Post 27 Sep 2020
Move mules -- both stripped part of plant The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Sep 2020
Reproductive cell The Washington Post 14 Sep 2020
Egg Canadiana 13 Jul 2020
This contains the egg cell of a seed-bearing plant The Times Specialist Sunday 16 Feb 2020
Undeveloped egg cell New York Times 25 Dec 2019
Part of a plant which becomes the seed The Times Concise 18 Dec 2019
Tiny egg Universal 05 Sep 2019
Embryo sac holder The Washington Post Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Elementary seed The Washington Post 20 Jan 2019
Undeveloped seed New York Times 07 Jan 2019
Part of a plant ovary The Times Concise 21 Dec 2018
Egg starts to open, vacated usually leaving eggshell The Telegraph Toughie 25 Oct 2018
Embryo sac site The Washington Post Sunday 14 Oct 2018
Developing egg The Washington Post 26 Jun 2018
Immature egg The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 May 2018
Immature ovum Universal 24 Apr 2018
Seedy structure? Universal 23 Feb 2018
Future seed Thomas Joseph 19 Jul 2017
Egg cell Universal 10 Jul 2017
Reproductive female germ cell Universal 22 May 2017
Fertilization site Family Time 24 Apr 2017
Reproductive egg cell Universal 24 Apr 2017
Botanical seed Universal 14 Nov 2016
Plant seed USA Today 09 Feb 2016
Botanical seed-to-be USA Today 04 Jan 2016
Rudimentary seed Newsday 01 Jan 2016
Seed's start Wall Street Journal 31 Dec 2015
Plant part that develops into a seed Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2015
Small seed Wall Street Journal 29 May 2015
Brand once pitched by Josephine the Plumber New York Times 08 Jan 2015
Item in a gynoecium
Fertilized item
Immature egg, to a zoologist
Embryo-sac encloser
Early stage seed
Little egg
Potential seed
It becomes a seed
Seed in the making
Botanic structure
Seed's botanical precursor
Seed source
Plant organ
Early seed
Small egg, biologically
Immature gamete
Embryo-sac container
Seed structure
Minute plant structure
Small egg, to a biologist
Immature seed
Embryonic plant
Embryo sac encloser
Seed-plant outgrowth
Plant part
Outgrowth of a seed plant
Part of a seed plant
Germ cell
Immature seed.
Botanic seed.
Small egg.
Seed part of plant.
Embryo seed.
An immature seed.
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