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Crossword Clues for PAID

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Clue Source Date
Settled bill The Telegraph Quick 21 Oct 2020
Bill stamp Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2020
Treated LA Times Daily 04 Sep 2020
Like some internships Universal 24 Aug 2020
Unlike pro bono work The Washington Post Sunday 23 Aug 2020
Handed over money Irish Times Simplex 01 Aug 2020
Satisfied an obligation, perhaps Newsday 30 Jul 2020
Picked up the tab Universal 16 Jul 2020
Like bills you no longer have Family Time 01 Jun 2020
Sent a check, say Universal 17 May 2020
Invoice stamp Universal 27 Apr 2020
Not outstanding New York Times 26 Apr 2020
Red stamp word New York Times 25 Apr 2020
Financially compensated USA Today 17 Mar 2020
Settled account with charity after pressure Irish Times Crosaire 21 Feb 2020
No longer outstanding Universal 24 Dec 2019
Like internships, ideally USA Today 14 Dec 2019
Satisfied a debt Universal 03 Dec 2019
Given money The Telegraph Quick 19 Nov 2019
___ in full Universal 26 Oct 2019
Footed the bill USA Today 12 Oct 2019
Type of leave The New Yorker 16 Sep 2019
Parking fine daughter settled The Telegraph Toughie 13 Sep 2019
Stamp for invoices Universal 12 Sep 2019
Word on a stamp Wall Street Journal 31 Aug 2019
Forked over The Washington Post 21 Jun 2019
Stamp on a receipt USA Today 14 Apr 2019
Settled a debt Universal 07 Jan 2019
Proved profitable USA Today 12 Nov 2018
Forked it over Universal 20 Oct 2018
Settled the bill Eugene Sheffer 20 Sep 2018
Unlike many interns The Washington Post Sunday 05 Aug 2018
Ponied up Premier Sunday 17 Jun 2018
With no balance Universal 11 Jun 2018
Word stamped on an invoice New York Times 01 May 2018
Accounting department stamp Wall Street Journal 01 Dec 2017
Settled a bill Family Time 26 Nov 2017
Settled up Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2017
No longer owed Newsday 27 Jul 2017
Settled up with USA Today 16 Jun 2017
Accountant's stamp New York Times 04 May 2017
Settled The Washington Post 25 Mar 2017
Compensated The Telegraph Quick 15 Feb 2017
Shelled out The Washington Post 24 Nov 2016
Bookkeeper's stamp New York Times 02 Oct 2016
Handed over, in a way Newsday 01 Oct 2016
Stamp on a bill Wall Street Journal 22 Jul 2016
Took care of LA Times Daily 01 Jul 2016
Eric B. & Rakim's '___ in Full' Jonesin 07 Jun 2016
Like a pro LA Times Daily 04 Jun 2016
Passed the buck? Family Time 30 May 2016
Like the best kind of vacation New York Times 05 Apr 2016
Put up the cash Wall Street Journal 18 Mar 2016
Receipt stamp USA Today 10 Jan 2016
No longer due Universal 17 Oct 2015
Given money (for work) The Times Concise 13 Oct 2015
Used Google Wallet, say LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2015
Stamp for a bill Universal 21 Jul 2015
Not working as a volunteer New York Times 12 Jul 2015
Stamp of approval? Universal 21 Feb 2015
No longer owing Universal 17 Feb 2015
Not free New York Times 18 Jan 2015
Remunerated The Telegraph Quick 07 Jan 2015
Suffered the consequences
Gave money for
Discharged a debt
Richard Marx "___ Vacation"
With 15-Down, spent way too much money for something
Covered the check
Rendered, as a compliment
What dues need to be
Took care of the check
Settled, as a bill
Satisfied an IOU
Took care of, in a way
Given a salary
Made square
Sticker applied at checkout
Took care of, as bills
Was rewarding
Given one's wages
Word stamped on a receipt
Word on a receipt
How some bills are marked
Took care of, as a bill
Something good to get?
Coughed up
Good word to see on a bill
Welcome word on a bill
Nice word to see on a bill
No longer outstanding?
Covered, in a way
Settled accounts
Like some consultants
Settled the tab
Kind of informer
Office stamp
Took care of a bill
Cashier stamp
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.