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Crossword Clues for PAUL

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Clue Source Date
Actor Robeson USA Today 07 Nov 2020
Rudd of "Ant-Man" Universal 28 Oct 2020
Saint ___, Minnesota USA Today 25 Sep 2020
Writer of much of the New Testament Wall Street Journal 19 Aug 2020
Artist Cézanne Newsday 09 Aug 2020
Painter Klee Thomas Joseph 04 Aug 2020
Cézanne of frame fame Newsday 12 Jul 2020
Fab Four fellow LA Times Daily 25 May 2020
Fab Four first name The Washington Post 27 Apr 2020
Folklore figure Bunyan USA Today 08 Apr 2020
Cathedral eponym New York Times 21 Mar 2020
Rwandan hero Rusesabagina USA Today 05 Mar 2020
Simon with songs The Washington Post 01 Nov 2019
Revolutionary Revere New York Times 21 Oct 2019
Mountain at Kamloops Canadiana 30 Sep 2019
Reuters founder Reuter The Washington Post Sunday 09 Jun 2019
Romney running mate Ryan USA Today 02 Jun 2019
One of the Apostles Newsday 17 May 2019
Left-handed Beatle USA Today 22 Apr 2019
Wagner and ____ (Beloved figure skating duo) Canadiana 15 Apr 2019
One of the Fab Four Eugene Sheffer 15 Apr 2019
One of the Beatles Newsday 20 Mar 2019
Name of six popes The Washington Post 17 Mar 2019
Songwriter with John The Washington Post 20 Dec 2018
With 68-Across, Garfunkel's partner The Washington Post 11 Dec 2018
Folklore lumberjack Bunyan The Washington Post 21 Nov 2018
Singer McCartney New York Times 19 Nov 2018
Fabled Bunyan Universal 17 Oct 2018
Post road-to-Damascus name Universal 17 Jun 2018
Bunyan of tall tales Family Time 28 May 2018
Pope __ VI (1963-'78) The Washington Post 10 Jan 2018
Apostle to the gentiles Universal 20 Dec 2017
McCartney of the Beatles Family Time 15 Oct 2017
House speaker Ryan New York Times 06 Sep 2017
Epistle-writing saint The Telegraph Quick 07 Jul 2017
Physician in the Senate Newsday 30 Jun 2017
Political Ron or Rand The Washington Post 14 Jun 2017
Patron Saint of swordsmen Canadiana 29 May 2017
Revere or McCartney Newsday 09 May 2017
Colleague of John, George and Ringo Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2017
St. ___, Minn Family Time 19 Feb 2017
Beatle who played lefty USA Today 15 Feb 2017
Cronenberg's middle name Canadiana 16 Jan 2017
Newman of Hollywood Universal 15 Jan 2017
See 58 Down Newsday 28 Dec 2016
Musician McCartney Newsday 10 Aug 2016
C�zanne or Gauguin Wall Street Journal 19 May 2016
Fab Four forename USA Today 29 Mar 2016
Anka or Newman Eugene Sheffer 08 Mar 2016
One of The Beatles The Times Concise 12 Feb 2016
Singer Anka Premier Sunday 24 Jan 2016
Rudd of Hollywood USA Today 07 Dec 2015
Artist Klee Newsday 02 Dec 2015
Robert ____ Martin Canadiana 16 Nov 2015
Damascus road convert Universal 22 Sep 2015
Galatians writer Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2015
Epistles writer Newsday 19 Apr 2015
With 12-Down, "Ant-Man" star
Revered Revere
Epistle apostle
Beatles name
Revere in history
Beatle name
St. __ (Minneapolis neighbor)
Frozen-fish company cofounder
See 55-Across
Much of the New Testament is attributed to him
Painter Cézanne or Gaugin
Rand or Ron
Stanley of Kiss
Simon of Simon & Garfunkel
St. __, MN
Painter Cézanne
Robert's costar in "The Sting"
NBA star Chris
With 44-Across, "Bridesmaids" director who won on "The $25,000 Pyramid"
Superhuman Bunyan
Actor Giamatti
McCartney of Beatles
Giamatti of "Sideways"
Beatle who was born with the first name James
Politician Ron or Rand
St. ___, Minn.
Legendary Bunyan
Author of several New Testament epistles
McCartney or Revere
Gauguin or Cézanne
Cézanne or Gauguin
Scientist who first postulated the neutrino's existence
He was converted on the road to Damascus
Catherine the Great's successor
Ringo's Beatle buddy
See 122 Across
Apostle to the Gentiles
Road to Damascus figure
Actor Giamatti of HBO's "John Adams"
Biblical epistle writer
With 13-Across, "Lonely Boy" singer
David's "Late Night" bandleader
Fab Four lefty
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.