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Crossword Clues for PAULA

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Clue Source Date
Actress Patton USA Today 04 Oct 2020
Pop singer __ Abdul Newsday 14 Sep 2020
Singer Cole or Abdul Premier Sunday 16 Aug 2020
'Nobody Listens to __ Poundstone': comedy podcast The Washington Post 18 Jul 2020
"Nobody Listens to __ Poundstone": comedy podcast LA Times Daily 18 Jul 2020
'Forever Your Girl' singer Abdul USA Today 08 Jul 2020
Comedian Poundstone USA Today 18 Jun 2020
Pulitzer-winning playwright Vogel New York Times 14 May 2020
TV anchor Zahn The New Yorker 27 Jan 2020
Former ''Idol'' judge Abdul Newsday 31 Oct 2019
Comic Poundstone New York Times 21 Aug 2019
Music's Abdul Thomas Joseph 05 Aug 2019
Former "American Idol" judge Abdul Universal 05 Aug 2019
'Straight Up' singer Abdul Eugene Sheffer 27 Jun 2019
Singer Cole Premier Sunday 19 May 2019
TV chef Deen Newsday 15 May 2019
Abdul who choreographed Janet Jackson videos USA Today 26 Jan 2019
TV's Zahn Universal 01 Nov 2018
'On the Case' host Zahn USA Today 04 Aug 2018
Deen of cuisine Newsday 20 Jul 2018
2002-09 'American Idol' judge [5] Premier Sunday 29 Apr 2018
Zahn of TV news USA Today 15 Mar 2018
She judged along with Simon and Randy Wall Street Journal 10 Mar 2018
"On the Case" host Zahn
'Hey ___' (1963 #1 hit) New York Times 24 Dec 2017
TV journalist Zahn New York Times 20 Sep 2017
Former 'American Idol' judge Abdul The Washington Post 28 Aug 2017
Zahn or Abdul Universal 11 Aug 2017
Poundstone of 'Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!' The Washington Post 10 Aug 2017
Poundstone of "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" LA Times Daily 10 Aug 2017
Onetime colleague of Randy and Simon Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2017
Singer Abdul Newsday 16 Jul 2017
Abdul of pop USA Today 01 Jul 2017
Original "American Idol" judge Abdul USA Today 25 Apr 2017
"Straight Up" singer Abdul USA Today 28 Mar 2017
Creamer of the LPGA LA Times Daily 14 Jan 2017
"Hey ___" (1963 #1 hit)
Pop music's Abdul Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2016
Abdul, formerly of "American Idol" USA Today 21 Jun 2016
— Radcliffe, runner The Times Concise 27 May 2016
Pop star Abdul USA Today 03 May 2016
Creamer of the L.P.G.A New York Times 06 Apr 2016
'Opposites Attract' singer Abdul The Washington Post 23 Feb 2016
Entertainer Abdul Newsday 14 Jan 2016
Onetime "American Idol" first name Universal 20 Dec 2015
-- Radcliffe, long-distance runner The Telegraph General Knowledge 29 Nov 2015
Celebrity chef Deen Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2015
Funny Poundstone New York Times 10 Feb 2015
"All In: The Education of General David Petraeus" author Broadwell
Onetime "American Idol" name
Musical Abdul
Pop singer Abdul
Comedienne Poundstone
2014 Robin Thicke concept album (if "maybe stalking can win my wife back?" is a concept)
Cook Deen
Deen of chefdom
TV cook Deen
Grammy winner Cole
Golfer Creamer
Former "Idol" judge Abdul
"Idol" judge replaced by Ellen
"Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" panelist Poundstone
Talent judge Abdul
She works with Simon
"X Factor" judge Abdul
Dancing Abdul
'80s pop star Abdul
"Opposites Attract" Abdul
Zahn of TV
1995 Isabel Allende memoir
She worked with Randy and Simon
Dancer/singer Abdul
Famous singer-turned-judge
Newswoman Zahn
Journalist Zahn
Creamer who won the 2010 U.S. Women's Open
Telejournalist Zahn
"It Ain't All About the Cookin'" memoirist Deen
Deen of cooking
Cole or Abdul
___ Abdul, former judge of 22-Across
Simon's former "American Idol "colleague
Longtime "Idol" name
Judge of many 36-Across
"American Idol" name
Singer Abdul or Cole
Chef Deen
Restaurateur Deen
A dancing Abdul
TV judge Abdul
"Will You Marry Me?" singer Abdul
Prentiss or Abdul
Judge Abdul
Cohort of Randy and Simon
Abdul or Cole
Abdul or Zahn
Simon and Randy's tablemate
"American Idol" panelist Abdul
Singer/judge Abdul
First name among "American Idol" judges
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.