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Crossword Clues for PAYS

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Clue Source Date
Forks out The Telegraph Quick 09 Sep 2020
Is worthwhile Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2020
Closes out a tab The Washington Post Sunday 16 Aug 2020
Settles a bill The Washington Post 03 Aug 2020
Forks over The Washington Post 14 Jul 2020
Is the target of successful revenge USA Today 07 Jul 2020
Remits Eugene Sheffer 25 Apr 2020
Grabs the tab Newsday 19 Apr 2020
Is profitable Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2020
Compensates New York Times 25 Mar 2020
Settles the bill Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2020
Settles the bill for both sides at parting of the ways Irish Times Crosaire 18 Dec 2019
Is worth doing Family Time 14 Oct 2019
Picks up the bill New York Times 08 Sep 2019
Picks up a 20-Across USA Today 20 Aug 2019
Foots the bill Universal 23 May 2019
Settles up Premier Sunday 05 May 2019
Gives money (for goods, etc) The Times Concise 22 Jan 2019
Imburses The Telegraph Quick 06 Dec 2018
Ponies up Wall Street Journal 20 Nov 2018
Reaps benefits USA Today 13 Apr 2018
Picks up the check Newsday 23 Jan 2018
Uses a debit card, say The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Remunerates New York Times 22 Nov 2017
Uses an ATM card, say The Washington Post Sunday 08 Oct 2017
Foots the bill from the banks for the package holidays Irish Times Crosaire 14 Jun 2017
Is worth it USA Today 29 Apr 2017
Eliminates a debt Universal 14 Apr 2017
Will prove profitable Newsday 17 Mar 2017
Yields a profit Newsday 21 Dec 2016
Bygone record label New York Times 15 Dec 2016
Reduces debt Universal 10 Sep 2016
Handles the tab Universal 30 Aug 2016
Does the trick Newsday 11 Jun 2016
Shells out The Washington Post 27 Apr 2016
Accepts the cost USA Today 23 Feb 2016
Takes care of the tab Wall Street Journal 16 Feb 2016
Yields a return USA Today 14 Jan 2016
Takes care of the check The Washington Post 04 Dec 2015
Ones getting the business? New York Times 12 Nov 2015
Proves worthwhile Newsday 02 Oct 2015
Improves one's credit USA Today 26 Jun 2015
Picks up the tab Newsday 13 Apr 2015
Is beneficial New York Times 06 Feb 2015
Treats, in a way
Is advantageous
Hands over a check
Shells out money
With 35-Down, joins the club, perhaps
Makes, as a visit
What record company does for recording sessions
Settles a debt (with "up")
Forks over the dough
Settles accounts
Settles, as a debt
Proves beneficial
Bribes, with "off"
Settles a debt
Coughs up, so to speak
Is a sport
Is rewarding
Eliminates debt
Antes up, e.g.
Grabs the check
Plunks down
Uses a credit card, say
Settles one's debts
Settles a debt, with "up"
Erases a debt
Actress Amanda
See 25 Across
Performs the traditional male role
Makes good on a debt
Erases debt
Sends a check
Makes good on a marker
Takes the tab
Settles with the piper
Antes up
Gives compensation
Discharges a debt
Yields, in a way
Vin du ___
Liquidates, in a way
Yields as a return
"It ___ to advertise"
Liquidates a debt
Sees the cashier
___ back (retaliates)
___ the price
Satisfies the piper
Country, in France.
Is worth it.
Offers, as respects.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.