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Crossword Clues for PEEK

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Clue Source Date
Be naughty on Christmas Eve, say USA Today 09 Oct 2020
Furtive look The Telegraph Quick 26 Sep 2020
Sneaky look New York Times 17 Sep 2020
Surreptitious look Universal 14 Sep 2020
Take camera from peacemaker for a quick look Irish Times Crosaire 17 Aug 2020
Sneak a look Universal 08 Apr 2020
Something not to do before Christmas? New York Times 02 Apr 2020
Look when no one's looking Universal 27 Dec 2019
Quick glance Newsday 18 Nov 2019
Look at the answers Jonesin 22 Oct 2019
Christmas Eve no-no New York Times 22 Sep 2019
Surreptitious glance Universal 25 Jul 2019
Cheat at hide-and-seek Newsday 26 Jun 2019
Quick look Eugene Sheffer 20 Jun 2019
Quick preview Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2019
Cheat while dealing Wall Street Journal 03 Apr 2019
Glimpse The Washington Post 12 Jan 2019
Something you shouldn't do around Christmas New York Times 11 Jan 2019
Cheat at hide and seek Thomas Joseph 29 Dec 2018
Cheat, in a way The Washington Post 25 Nov 2018
Glance The Washington Post 21 Oct 2018
Fast glance Premier Sunday 09 Sep 2018
''Don't __!'' Newsday 10 Mar 2018
Advance look, say New York Times 04 Mar 2018
Sustain retiring spy Irish Times Crosaire 02 Feb 2018
Cheat at blind man's buff USA Today 29 Jan 2018
Sneak ___ (preview) USA Today 11 Jan 2018
Take a look, in a way The Washington Post Sunday 29 Oct 2017
Stealthy look Wall Street Journal 28 Oct 2017
Take a gander USA Today 13 Sep 2017
Break a yuletide rule Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2017
Through-the-keyhole glimpse USA Today 18 Jul 2017
Spoil the surprise, in a way Wall Street Journal 17 Jul 2017
Cheat in hide-and-seek Family Time 19 Jun 2017
Lift one's blindfold Newsday 02 Mar 2017
Move a finger or two, maybe LA Times Daily 27 Jan 2017
Gander Family Time 21 Nov 2016
Ill-fated act by Lot's wife The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Nov 2016
Cheat at blindman's buff Universal 25 Oct 2016
Subtle look LA Times Daily 12 Sep 2016
Have a quick look and stay back The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Aug 2016
Spoil a surprise Wall Street Journal 26 Dec 2015
Early look Newsday 15 Oct 2015
At a glance keep up? Irish Times Crosaire 08 Sep 2015
Quick or furtive look The Times Concise 09 Jun 2015
Hide-and-seek no-no New York Times 03 May 2015
Look-see USA Today 07 Mar 2015
Take a furtive look
Do a little cheating
Naughty look, maybe
Word ladder, part 2
Quick gander
Eye on the sly
Quick glimpse
Little look
Steal a glance
Get an early look
Look when you're not supposed to
Cheat at cards
Not wait until December 25, say
See 32 Down
Cheat at solitaire
Cheat at blind man's bluff
Cheat at Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Sneak preview
Look through half-closed blinds, e.g.
Furtive glance
With 53 Down, game played with a baby
"Sneaked" look
See on the sly
Take a quick gander
Sneak a look at
Take a quick look
Use an eyehole
Break the rules in a kids' game
With 2-Down, toddler's game
Look through one's fingers
Break the rules in a kids' game
What not to do before December 25?
Look when you shouldn't
Quick examination
Activity involving a keyhole, perhaps
Sneak ___
Act out of impatience, maybe
Catch a glimpse
Sly look
Steal a look
Have a look-see
Spoil the surprise, perhaps
Look furtively
It may involve a keyhole
Look between one's fingers
Secret look
Christmas Eve taboo
Item to sneak
Glance furtively
Cheat at pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey
Unauthorized look
With 2 Down tots' game
Look surreptitiously
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