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Crossword Clues for PEZ

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Clue Source Date
Candy in dispensers USA Today 19 Nov 2020
Brand name derived from the German for “peppermint” Wall Street Journal 14 Oct 2020
Candy to dispense with Newsday 20 Aug 2020
___ dispenser Wall Street Journal 21 Jul 2020
Collectible dispenser maker Universal 05 Jul 2020
US mint since 1952 Newsday 01 May 2020
Manufacturer of tiny bricks Newsday 04 Apr 2020
Candy with collectible dispensers Universal 08 Mar 2020
Dispensed candy The Washington Post Sunday 02 Feb 2020
Small, rectangular candy New York Times 28 Jul 2019
Dispenser candy The Washington Post 13 May 2019
Treat ''served'' by Elvis, Gandalf, Glinda, etc., etc Newsday 20 Apr 2019
Candy that's not in-dispensable? New York Times 25 Mar 2019
Candy invented in Austria The Washington Post 24 Feb 2019
Candy from a dispenser New York Times 08 Oct 2018
Brick-shaped candy Wall Street Journal 17 Sep 2018
Dispenser treat USA Today 05 Jul 2018
Candy whose container ruined a concert in a "Seinfeld" plot The New Yorker 02 Jul 2018
Candy with an Emoji dispenser set The Washington Post 29 Mar 2018
Candy in a dispenser USA Today 21 Mar 2018
Dispenser sweet Newsday 21 Dec 2017
Plastic dispenser producer New York Times 03 Dec 2017
90-year-old mint The Washington Post 10 Sep 2017
Candy in collectible containers New York Times 06 Aug 2017
Candy sold in stacked bricks New York Times 09 Mar 2017
Big name in little candies The Washington Post 01 Dec 2016
Edible bricks since 1927 The Chronicle of Higher Education 04 Nov 2016
Product with a Simpsons set LA Times Daily 14 Oct 2016
Dispensable candy LA Times Daily 27 Sep 2016
Candy noted for its dispenser The Washington Post 08 Sep 2016
Manufacturer of tiny bricks and their dispensers The Washington Post 03 Aug 2016
Producer of billions of 'bricks' annually Wall Street Journal 16 Jun 2016
Loadable confections LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2016
Candy created in Austria LA Times Daily 27 Feb 2016
Refillable candy LA Times Daily 24 Feb 2016
Candy in a collectible dispenser Wall Street Journal 02 Feb 2016
Its logo is made from 44 of its products Newsday 02 Jan 2016
Brand name derived from the German for 'peppermint' Wall Street Journal 13 Nov 2015
Snack to dispense with Newsday 28 Aug 2015
Brand name derived from the German for "peppermint"
Contents of some collectible dispensers
Austrian candy brand
Kind of dispenser
It may be taken from the neck of a superhero
Candy from Austria
Spring-fed candy
Brick-shaped confection
Dispensable treat
Candy since 1927
What might come out of Kermit's neck
Candy with a collectible dispenser
Brand of movable collectibles
Loaded candy
Candy that's dispensable?
Candy sold in 12-pellet packs
It's sold in 12-packs
Candy with a dispenser
___-a-Mania, candy collectors' convention since 1991
What you might get by moving a head?
Candy that comes in a dispenser
Candy company whose first flavor was Pfefferminz
Confectionery collectible
Collectible container candy
Spring-fed confection
Candy that comes with a dispenser
Candy that comes in more than a dozen flavors
Product name derived from the German word for peppermint
Candy originally from Austria
Dispenser brand
Candy that's dispensed
Candy sold in dispensers
Brand known for flip-back heads
Candy acquired while holding one's chin up?
It's not indispensable?
Candy in 12-piece dispensers
People might dispense with it
Candy named from the German for "peppermint"
Name derived from the German for "peppermint"
Candy known for turning heads?
Fish, in Spanish
Candy whose flavors include cola, grape, and raspberry
Candy that turns heads?
Candy eaten after chin-ups?
Plastic collectible
Candy debut of 1927
Much-dispensed candy
Candy whose name comes from the German for "peppermint"
Kind of collection
Brand name derived from the German "Pfefferminz"
Toy candy
Candy that comes with a collectible dispenser
Candy brand
__ dispenser
Maker of Sourz candy
Collectible type of dispenser
Popular candy
They're dispensed
Dispenser contents
Candy dispensed through a head
Dispensable candy brand
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.