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Crossword Clues for PHIL

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Clue Source Date
Three-time Masters champ Mickelson Wall Street Journal 10 Nov 2020
Actor LaMarr Universal 02 Oct 2020
TV psychologist Dr. __ McGraw Newsday 30 Sep 2020
Punxsutawney groundhog Newsday 17 Sep 2020
The Fresh Prince's uncle USA Today 07 Aug 2020
Collins of Genesis Eugene Sheffer 23 Jul 2020
Dr. McGraw Eugene Sheffer 16 Jul 2020
TV Dr The Washington Post 16 May 2020
Former SNL star Hartman The Washington Post Sunday 10 May 2020
Punxsutawney notable Jonesin 28 Apr 2020
TV's Dr. ___ New York Times 22 Apr 2020
'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' uncle USA Today 27 Feb 2020
“Modern Family” father Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2019
It means ''fondness for'' Newsday 21 Sep 2019
Golfer Mickelson Newsday 08 Sep 2019
Mickelson of golf Newsday 11 Aug 2019
One of the Everly Brothers New York Times 26 Jul 2019
Brother of Tony Canadiana 22 Jul 2019
Dr. ___ New York Times 12 Jun 2019
Uncle ___, main role on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' New York Times 31 May 2019
Collins of rock and pop Premier Sunday 12 May 2019
Mickelson of the links USA Today 24 Apr 2019
Don Everly's brother The Washington Post 20 Apr 2019
February forecaster from Punxsutawney The Washington Post 14 Apr 2019
Basketball Hall of Fame coach Jackson The Washington Post Sunday 13 Jan 2019
Genesis name
"Modern Family" father
Uncle ___, main role on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
Knight who co-founded Nike New York Times 02 Dec 2018
Nike founder Knight Wall Street Journal 01 Nov 2018
Baseball legend Rizzuto Family Time 07 Oct 2018
2004 Masters winner Mickelson USA Today 13 Sep 2018
McGraw of talk TV USA Today 13 Jul 2018
'Modern Family' dad Thomas Joseph 10 May 2018
Man's nickname in a metropolitan orchestra? New York Times 17 Mar 2018
Rodent in the news last month Newsday 11 Mar 2018
Punxsutawney prognosticator New York Times 24 Dec 2017
Ice hockey's Esposito Wall Street Journal 19 Dec 2017
Rocker Collins Thomas Joseph 04 Aug 2017
Collins of rock's Genesis USA Today 24 Jul 2017
-- Collins, singer with hit 'You Can't Hurry Love' in 1982 The Telegraph General Knowledge 02 Apr 2017
Punxsutawney headliner The Washington Post 01 Apr 2017
Rizzuto of Yankees fame Universal 18 Jan 2017
Baseball Hall of Famer Rizzuto Universal 06 Jan 2017
Longtime rival of Tiger LA Times Daily 25 Dec 2016
Dad of Haley, Alex and Luke on "Modern Family" LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2016
Golf's Mickelson Wall Street Journal 02 Sep 2016
Punxsutawney ___ Universal 30 Jul 2016
Punxsutawney critter Universal 16 Apr 2016
Punxsutawney predictor USA Today 24 Mar 2016
Dr. __ LA Times Daily 13 Feb 2016
2/2 groundhog Newsday 12 Feb 2016
Doctor seen by millions New York Times 05 Feb 2016
TV's Dr. McGraw Eugene Sheffer 11 Jan 2016
Pop psychology guru McGraw The Washington Post 12 Nov 2015
Claire's husband on 'Modern Family' Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2015
Don Everly's singing brother New York Times 12 Jul 2015
Uncle on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' New York Times 18 Jun 2015
Punxsutawney celeb USA Today 11 Apr 2015
Singer Ochs Premier Sunday 05 Apr 2015
Given name of the critter in today's news LA Times Daily 02 Feb 2015
Predictor in February headlines The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Jan 2015
Claire's husband on "Modern Family"
TV Dr.
Uncle on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
"Dr. ___"
Nike co-founder Knight
"Top Banana" Silvers
Oracle of Punxsutawney
Don Everly's younger brother
Dr. McGraw of TV
Yankee legend Rizzuto
8-Across' first name
Rock's Everly or Collins
Afternoon TV's Dr. ___
Pro golfer Mickelson
TV's pop psychology doctor
Pop psychologist McGraw of daytime TV
Silvers or Collins
Punxsutawney fellow
"Cool dad" on "Modern Family"
TV doctor McGraw
Groundhog Day nickname
Talk show pioneer Donahue
TV doctor
Dr. made popular by 34-Down
Dunphy dad on "Modern Family"
Singer Collins
Funnyman Silvers
TV's Dr. ___ McGraw
"Both Sides" artist Collins
"Punxsutawney ___"
Punxsutawney ___ (annual spring forecaster)
Punxsutawney ___ (Groundhog Day celeb)
Rizzuto of the Yankees
Drummer Collins
"I Ain't Marching Anymore" singer Ochs
Bill's role in "Groundhog Day"
Silvers who played Sgt. Bilko
McGraw of TV
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.