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Crossword Clues for PIC

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Clue Source Date
Shot, for short Wall Street Journal 07 Oct 2020
Snapshot Thomas Joseph 06 Oct 2020
Snapshot, informally Universal 28 Sep 2020
Photo USA Today 24 Sep 2020
Quick snap? The Washington Post Sunday 30 Aug 2020
Tinder profile part, informally Universal 03 Aug 2020
Film, informally Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2020
Part of many a postcard, briefly New York Times 26 Jul 2020
Shot Thomas Joseph 24 Jul 2020
Snap New York Times 19 Jul 2020
Cropped photo? New York Times 09 May 2020
Snap story upload USA Today 26 Apr 2020
Picture, for short Canadiana 02 Mar 2020
Insta upload The Washington Post 02 Dec 2019
Photo, for short Eugene Sheffer 24 Oct 2019
Insta posting The Washington Post Sunday 06 Oct 2019
Email attachment, cut Family Time 23 Sep 2019
Photograph taken in epicentre The Sun Two Speed 12 Jul 2019
Snapshot (informal) The Sun Two Speed 12 Jul 2019
Short film? The Washington Post 26 Jun 2019
Instagram upload, informally New York Times 17 Jun 2019
Snapshot, for short Newsday 12 Jun 2019
Photo, briefly Family Time 10 Jun 2019
1 Across product Newsday 19 Apr 2019
Snap, shot, or snapshot Newsday 10 Mar 2019
Instagram post, for short USA Today 09 Mar 2019
Insta upload (3)
Photograph, for short Newsday 15 Oct 2018
Snapshot, briefly The Washington Post 02 Oct 2018
Selfie, say Premier Sunday 30 Sep 2018
Snapchat upload, briefly The Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Sep 2018
Instagram upload Newsday 13 Sep 2018
Camera shot The Washington Post 17 Jul 2018
Instagram upload, for short New York Times 16 Jul 2018
Flick New York Times 28 Jan 2018
Snapfish product, for short USA Today 22 Jan 2018
Shot surrounding the answers to starred clues The Washington Post 26 Nov 2017
Shot in Mississippi compound Irish Times Crosaire 25 Nov 2017
Social post The Washington Post 25 Nov 2017
Many a JPEG file The Washington Post 16 Nov 2017
Instagram post Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2017
Brief snap? Universal 12 Oct 2017
Instagram upload, briefly The Washington Post 21 Sep 2017
Shot for a photog Universal 19 Jul 2017
Headshot, e.g The Washington Post 22 Jun 2017
Photog's shot USA Today 17 Jun 2017
Short movie? The Washington Post 01 Jun 2017
Polaroid, e.g New York Times 24 Jan 2017
Little photo? Universal 15 Jan 2017
Short shot? LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2017
Polaroid, e.g.
Headshot, e.g.
Selfie, e.g Wall Street Journal 20 Aug 2016
Apt rhyme for ''flick'' Newsday 25 Jun 2016
Photog's take Wall Street Journal 22 Apr 2016
Paparazzo's shot USA Today 20 Mar 2016
Movie, in Hollywood lingo Universal 12 Feb 2016
Facebook upload, for short The Washington Post 02 Feb 2016
Twitter upload, briefly
Facebook posting, for short Newsday 06 Dec 2015
Quick shot? New York Times 20 Sep 2015
34-Down item New York Times 28 Mar 2015
Movie, according to Variety Universal 24 Jan 2015
Instagram shot
Photo or film, Variety-style
Snapshot, in slang
Little shot?
Short shot
Paparazzo's prize, for short
It's a snap
Selfie, e.g.
Apt rhyme for flick
Paparazzo's prize, briefly
Tweet attachment, briefly
Many a cell product
Jack Kerouac's last novel
JPEG file, usually
Facebook posting, briefly
Film, in Variety
Cam output
Movie, for short
Apt rhyme for "flick"
Paparazzo's prize
Shot on Facebook
It may have redeye
E-mail attachment, for short
Subject for Variety
Movie or photo
"Variety" term
Album item, for short
Photo, familiarly
Many an e-mail attachment
Illustration, for short
Something snapped
Multiplex offering
Movie, slangily
Bio ending
It might be saved on a cell phone
Paparazzo's moneymaker, briefly
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