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Crossword Clues for PIKE

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Clue Source Date
Elongated fish USA Today 21 Aug 2020
Fish with a pointed snout New York Times 30 Jul 2020
Straight-legged gymnastics position USA Today 23 Jul 2020
Gymnastics or diving position Universal 22 Jul 2020
Coming down the ___ USA Today 01 Jun 2020
Toll road Universal 30 May 2020
Actress Rosamund USA Today 23 Apr 2020
'Gone Girl' star Rosamund USA Today 01 Apr 2020
Diver's position USA Today 09 Oct 2019
Old thing with pointed end to get fish The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Aug 2019
Infantry weapon of old USA Today 10 Aug 2019
Private Frank --, a 'Dad's Army' character The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Jul 2019
Fish named for a weapon USA Today 19 Jun 2019
Spear a fish The Sun Two Speed 12 Apr 2019
Gymnastics position The Sun Two Speed 12 Apr 2019
Old infantry weapon Wall Street Journal 28 Mar 2019
Namesake of a Colorado peak USA Today 27 Jan 2019
Diving position Wall Street Journal 14 Aug 2018
Fishy-sounding road The Washington Post Sunday 15 Apr 2018
Fish in northern lakes USA Today 23 Mar 2018
Infantry spear of old USA Today 11 Feb 2018
Heavy spear The Sun Two Speed 03 Feb 2018
Fish's weapon The Sun Two Speed 03 Feb 2018
Long-nosed fish Newsday 27 Oct 2017
Pointy-headed fish New York Times 26 Oct 2017
Predatory freshwater fish The Times Concise 29 Sep 2017
Voracious fish The Telegraph Quick 23 Sep 2017
Man with a peak Universal 08 Jun 2017
Fish pasty filled with tail of haddock The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jun 2017
*Weapon with a point New York Times 31 May 2017
Gefilte fish fish New York Times 07 May 2017
Fish — old infantry weapon The Guardian Quick 21 Apr 2017
State highway Universal 22 Feb 2017
Staff putting pressure on President The Telegraph Toughie 09 Feb 2017
Long spear
Seattle's __ Place Market LA Times Daily 02 Nov 2016
Zebulon for whom a peak is named USA Today 28 Jun 2016
Medieval infantry weapon USA Today 02 Jun 2016
Weapon giving power to US President once The Telegraph Toughie 10 May 2016
Ancient spear or freshwater fish Canadiana 11 Jan 2016
Long-snouted fish Thomas Joseph 29 Oct 2015
Freshwater game fish USA Today 12 Oct 2015
Former infantry weapon The Times Concise 29 Jun 2015
Major road LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2015
Pointy weapon Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2015
High-speed highway LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2015
Toll road, for short USA Today 17 Feb 2015
He reached his peak in 1806
Zebulon's favorite fish?
Peak sighter Zebulon
Lake catch
Main route
Aggressive freshwater fish
He reached his peak
Man who reached his peak?
Anti-cavalry weapon
Freshwater fish
Zebulon with a namesake mountain
Traditional gefilte fish ingredient
Spear's cousin
Seattle's ___ Place Market
Enterprise captain prior to Kirk
Certain freshwater fish
Diving maneuver or freshwater fish
Peak discoverer Zebulon
Most of I-76 across Pennsylvania
Explorer Zebulon
Major route
Eponymous Southwest explorer
Long-nosed swimmer
Medieval weapon
He never reached his peak?
Highway with tolls
Zebulon with a peak named for him
Walleye, for one
Spear or fish
Diving position resembling the letter V
Peak discoverer
Main road
Food fish
Eponym of a peak
Diving maneuver
"___'s Peak or bust!"
Scafell ___ (highest point in England)
Sweet Betsy's home
Peaked Zebulon
Fish or road
A Colo. mountain is named for him
Flag staff
Peak man
Zebulon of exploring fame
Explorer who discovered a mountain
Discoverer of a peak
Walleyed or turn
Sport fish
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.