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Crossword Clues for PILLAR

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Clue Source Date
Dad right to nurse sick supporter The Sun Two Speed 05 Jul 2020
Column The Sun Two Speed 05 Jul 2020
Temple support Thomas Joseph 08 Jun 2020
Architectural column Newsday 10 May 2020
Support structure The Times Concise 30 Apr 2020
Vertical cylindrical structure Irish Times Simplex 07 Jun 2019
Column goes into reversing lateral liposuction The Telegraph Cryptic 11 May 2019
Vertical Parthenon component The Washington Post 12 Apr 2019
Column, support The Times Concise 12 Dec 2018
Support column Newsday 11 Nov 2018
Reviews writing by a large mouthy type in The Post Irish Times Crosaire 27 Sep 2018
Establishment supporter? The Sun Two Speed 22 Sep 2018
Parthenon feature USA Today 07 Apr 2018
Epitaph contains everything about staunch supporter The Telegraph Toughie 05 Jan 2018
Monumental support New York Times 05 Nov 2017
Problem seen in Standard column The Telegraph Cryptic 17 May 2017
Porch support USA Today 30 Apr 2016
Building's support column Newsday 11 Jan 2016
Important member of a group New York Times 03 Dec 2015
Post Eugene Sheffer 23 Oct 2015
Weight bearer
Stalwart column
Notable one in a community
Arcade support
Community standout
Parthenon part
Column supporting a building
Building support
Part of a support group
Portico prop
Parthenon supporter
Support shaft
Ornamental column
Source of support
Supporting structure
Decorative column
Shape of Lot's wife, saltwise
Community mainstay
Structural support
Building supporter
Society stalwart
Rock formation
Means of support
From __ to post
___ of the community
Society mainstay
___ of society
Architectural feature.
Main support.
Arch support.
Lot's wife.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.