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Crossword Clues for PLAICE

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Clue Source Date
Spot, we hear, to find fish The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Oct 2020
PI in Chantilly taken captive by one dropping a line Irish Times Crosaire 09 Sep 2020
A flat fish Irish Times Simplex 15 Aug 2020
Flatfish The Telegraph Quick 01 Aug 2020
Fish for man leaving campanile Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jul 2020
Swimmer I spot outside The Sun Two Speed 05 Jul 2020
Large flatfish The Sun Two Speed 05 Jul 2020
Pressure on Alice working on takeaway menu Irish Times Crosaire 18 Jun 2020
Swimmer up mountain gets chill The Sun Two Speed 11 Mar 2020
Swimmer one put outside The Sun Two Speed 27 Feb 2020
Current in location carries swimmer? The Sun Two Speed 19 Dec 2019
Location around island for fish The Telegraph Cryptic 24 May 2019
Flat fish Irish Times Simplex 25 Oct 2018
One might get hooked ascending mountain rocks The Telegraph Toughie 29 Jun 2018
Food fish The Telegraph Quick 24 Apr 2018
Type of fish The Telegraph Quick 22 Apr 2018
A fish The Telegraph Quick 06 Feb 2018
Location announced for swimmer The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jan 2018
Fish settle around top of ice The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Dec 2017
Sounds like where to put the fish Irish Times Simplex 09 Oct 2017
Important food fish The Times Concise 12 Jan 2017
One going into town for fish? The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Sep 2016
Fish I displayed in position The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jan 2016
Fish in position around island The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Oct 2015
Sole relation one has put outside The Telegraph Toughie 28 May 2015
Large marine flatfish
Flatfish group
Fish in fish and chips
American flatfish or flounder
European flatfish
Summer flounder
Summer flounder.
European food fish.
Flat fish with white spots.
European flounder.
The summer flounder.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.