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Crossword Clues for PLUMP

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Clue Source Date
Round left in quiz The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Sep 2020
"Pleasantly" chubby LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2020
'Pleasantly' chubby The Washington Post 31 Aug 2020
Zaftig LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2020
Chubby Thomas Joseph 19 Aug 2020
Fleshy soft mass The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jul 2020
Like an orange dripping juice everywhere Family Time 25 May 2020
Well-padded, as a turkey Newsday 02 Mar 2020
As the labourers see it, excellent head on pint of stout Irish Times Crosaire 11 Feb 2020
Chubby, rounded Irish Times Simplex 22 Aug 2019
Portly The Telegraph Quick 15 May 2019
Like gin-soaked raisins USA Today 05 Feb 2019
Adjust, as a pillow's stuffing Wall Street Journal 19 Jan 2019
Fat The Telegraph Quick 03 May 2018
Chubby, fat Irish Times Simplex 01 May 2018
Roly-poly Eugene Sheffer 07 Apr 2018
Like a Thanksgiving turkey USA Today 16 Mar 2018
Full and rounded Irish Times Simplex 12 Sep 2017
Rubenesque Universal 02 Aug 2017
Pleasantly chubby Irish Times Simplex 25 Apr 2017
Rather fat The Times Concise 18 Apr 2017
Thicken, as sofa pillows Newsday 28 Oct 2016
Corpulent The Times Concise 24 Jul 2016
Large and juicy, as a piece of fruit Family Time 30 May 2016
Having a full rounded shape Irish Times Simplex 23 Apr 2016
On the hefty side USA Today 16 Oct 2015
Cushy start to paper round The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Sep 2015
Santalike Newsday 07 Jun 2015
London's ___ DJs
Ready for market, as a chicken
Expand, as hot dogs
Expand, as franks
Like some cooked hot dogs
Like Santa
Expand, as a cooked frank
Full in form
Like good raisins
Like a juicy turkey
Become round
Like Monica Lewinsky
Hardly slender
Filled out
Not quite obese
Pleasingly zaftig
Come down abruptly
Well padded
Slightly pudgy
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