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Crossword Clues for POPE

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Clue Source Date
"An Essay on Criticism" poet LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2020
'An Essay on Criticism' poet The Washington Post 15 Nov 2020
Francis's title Jonesin 03 Nov 2020
Vatican leader LA Times Daily 20 Oct 2020
Head of the Holy See New York Times 28 Sep 2020
Swiss Guard charge Wall Street Journal 24 Sep 2020
Vatican VIP Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2020
Vatican head Premier Sunday 16 Aug 2020
Church leader Thomas Joseph 15 Aug 2020
The Bishop of Rome Newsday 16 Jul 2020
Bishop of Rome The Telegraph Quick 02 Jul 2020
Manitoba village Canadiana 01 Jun 2020
Vatican City resident Universal 28 May 2020
One whose job prospects go up in smoke? New York Times 10 May 2020
Top bishop The Telegraph Quick 08 May 2020
St. Peter's Square figure LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2020
One of seven in 14th-century Avignon New York Times 07 Mar 2020
Music festival - the second one in Rome The Christians listen to Irish Times Crosaire 04 Mar 2020
Frequent speaker from St. Peter's Newsday 19 Jan 2020
Person whose Twitter handle is @Pontifex New York Times 19 Dec 2019
John or Julius of Rome Family Time 16 Dec 2019
Leader of the Vatican Newsday 16 Dec 2019
Church leader is innocent - one of thirteen Irish Times Crosaire 09 Dec 2019
Vatican figure Family Time 25 Nov 2019
Innocent, e.g Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2019
Bull issuer Wall Street Journal 20 Nov 2019
HBO's "The Young ___" The New Yorker 18 Nov 2019
Benedict XVI, until 2013 USA Today 20 Oct 2019
Pontiff The Telegraph Quick 01 Oct 2019
Francis, e.g Eugene Sheffer 01 Oct 2019
Peter was the first one The Washington Post 18 Sep 2019
Brilliant satirist exercises to rear of chamber The Telegraph Toughie 06 Sep 2019
User of the Twitter handle @Pontifex New York Times 04 Aug 2019
Head of the smallest nation Newsday 21 Jul 2019
Whom the Swiss Guards guard Newsday 19 May 2019
'An Essay on Man' poet Alexander USA Today 30 Apr 2019
Innocent, perhaps New York Times 06 Apr 2019
John or Paul, for example Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2019
Canonizing figure The Washington Post Sunday 17 Mar 2019
Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Wall Street Journal 02 Feb 2019
"An Essay on Man" poet Alexander
See somebody? The Washington Post Sunday 16 Dec 2018
Conclave's choice Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2018
Issuer of bulls The Washington Post 18 Nov 2018
Francis, since 2013 The Chronicle of Higher Education 26 Oct 2018
Alexander who wrote 'The Dunciad' New York Times 03 Oct 2018
Catholic leader The Times Concise 17 Aug 2018
Religious leader The Washington Post 03 Jun 2018
Vatican V.I.P New York Times 09 May 2018
St. Peter's Square speaker USA Today 13 Mar 2018
Leader in white New York Times 01 Mar 2018
Speaker from St. Peter's Basilica USA Today 08 Jan 2018
Holy Roman
Vatican V.I.P.
Alexander who wrote "The Dunciad"
Leader chosen by cardinals USA Today 05 Dec 2017
Roman Catholic leader Family Time 26 Nov 2017
Speaker overlooking St. Peter's Square USA Today 06 Oct 2017
Head of the Roman Catholic Church Irish Times Simplex 01 Sep 2017
Swiss Guard's charge Universal 17 Jun 2017
Leader protected by the Swiss Guards USA Today 31 May 2017
John or Paul, but not George or Ringo Wall Street Journal 15 Apr 2017
Whom the Swiss Guard guard USA Today 22 Feb 2017
Pious or Benedict Canadiana 06 Feb 2017
Word before or after Alexander New York Times 19 Jan 2017
Vatican A-lister The Washington Post 31 Dec 2016
Leader of the Catholic church Family Time 05 Dec 2016
Vitalian, for one LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2016
Castel Gandolfo resident USA Today 24 May 2016
One with a mass audience? The Washington Post 26 Feb 2016
Cardinals' manager? Universal 26 Feb 2016
Francis or Benedict, e.g Eugene Sheffer 02 Feb 2016
Big man at the Vatican Universal 30 Jan 2016
Poet as deliverer of annual Christmas message The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Dec 2015
Vicar of Christ, more familiarly New York Times 13 Nov 2015
José Martí International Airport VIP of 2015 The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Oct 2015
John or Paul, but not Ringo New York Times 16 Sep 2015
Conclave choice Wall Street Journal 23 Mar 2015
Urban, e.g LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2015
Essayist or place in Saskatchewan Canadiana 16 Feb 2015
Religious leader associated with the ends of the four longest puzzle answers LA Times Daily 07 Jan 2015
Encyclical writer
Urban, e.g.
Leader chosen by a conclave
Apostolic Palace resident
"The Dunciad" poet
Bull producer
Tiara wearer
Bull releaser
John, Paul or John Paul
With 78-Down, seventh-century pontiff
World leader with an eponymous "mobile"
Historic resignee of 2013
Leader who wears the Ring of the Fisherman
Whom the Swiss Guard guards
Olivia's last name on "Scandal"
Francis, for one
English poet Alexander
Wearer of a famous ring
Leader of the masses?
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.