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Crossword Clues for PORTIA

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Clue Source Date
“The quality of mercy is not strained” speaker Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2020
'The Merchant of Venice' heiress The Washington Post 12 Nov 2019
"The Merchant of Venice" heiress LA Times Daily 12 Nov 2019
Central character of The Merchant of Venice The Times Specialist Sunday 27 Oct 2019
Shakespearean heiress Eugene Sheffer 13 Jul 2019
'The quality of mercy is not strain'd' speaker The Washington Post 31 May 2019
"The quality of mercy is not strain'd" speaker LA Times Daily 31 May 2019
Shylock's adversary The Washington Post 17 Mar 2019
'The Merchant of Venice' heroine The Washington Post 25 Nov 2018
"The Merchant of Venice" heroine LA Times Daily 25 Nov 2018
Shakespearean role left main characters at heart upset The Telegraph Toughie 21 Nov 2018
''The Merchant of Venice'' heroine Newsday 07 Oct 2018
Actress de Rossi Universal 29 Sep 2018
Shylock's outwitter Thomas Joseph 03 May 2018
Shakespearean heroine The Times Concise 18 Apr 2018
Heroine of the merchant of Venice Irish Times Simplex 08 Apr 2017
The Merchant of Venice heroine The Times Concise 02 Feb 2017
Beautiful heiress left a single article The Times Cryptic 30 Dec 2016
Heroine of "Merchant of Venice" Universal 26 Dec 2016
''Merchant of Venice'' heroine Newsday 13 Nov 2016
''Merchant of Venice'' woman Newsday 10 Nov 2016
Ellen's mate The Washington Post 24 Apr 2016
Heiress of The Merchant of Venice The Times Concise 19 Apr 2016
Heroine of Shakespeare's ''The Merchant of Venice'' Irish Times Simplex 11 Nov 2015
Shakespeare character whose name sounds like a car New York Times 04 May 2015
Moon of Uranus Thomas Joseph 30 Jan 2015
Speaker of the line "The quality of mercy is not strain'd"
"Merchant of Venice" heroine
De Rossi of "Arrested Development"
Wife of Brutus
"The Merchant of Venice" lady
Balthasar's true identity, in Shakespeare
"The quality of mercy is not strained" speaker
Lover in "The Merchant of Venice"
Nerissa is her waiting-maid
"Merchant of Venice" character
Bassanio's love
"The quality of mercy..." speaker
Bassanio's wife in "The Merchant of Venice"
Caesar's wife
She says "The quality of mercy is not strain'd"
"The Merchant of Venice" character
Shakespeare heroine
Actress ___ de Rossi of "Ally McBeal"
Antonio's advocate
Bassanio's beloved
Authority on mercy
Antonio's defender
Antonio's barrister
Brutus' wife
Heiress in "The Merchant of Venice"
She faced life
Lady lawyer.
Shakespearean lady.
Shakespearean character.
Bassanio's beloved.
Antonio's counsel.
Shakespearean heroine.
"Lady barrister."
Wife of Brutus.
Brutus' wife.
Wife of Bassanio.
She saved Antonio's life.
Her portrait was in the leaden casket.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.