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Crossword Clues for PORTS

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Clue Source Date
Dessert wines Eugene Sheffer 25 Jun 2020
Fortified wines Universal 25 Mar 2020
Freighters' destinations The Washington Post 29 Dec 2019
Places to embark USA Today 11 Nov 2019
Harbor cities Thomas Joseph 17 Jul 2019
Computer jacks Thomas Joseph 29 Jun 2019
Things on the back of a computer New York Times 21 Jun 2019
Docking spots Thomas Joseph 24 Apr 2019
Cities with wharves USA Today 15 Feb 2019
Cities with stevedores USA Today 14 Dec 2018
Cruise termini USA Today 31 Jul 2018
Strong wines New York Times 01 May 2018
Cruise stopovers USA Today 09 Feb 2018
USB and others The Washington Post 19 Jan 2018
Cruise-ship stops Newsday 20 Nov 2017
Cities with piers Newsday 02 Jul 2017
Ship stops Thomas Joseph 31 Mar 2017
Cities with docks USA Today 13 Feb 2017
Wines named for an Iberian city LA Times Daily 18 Nov 2016
Cruise stops Wall Street Journal 18 Oct 2016
Coastal cities Universal 16 Oct 2016
Cruise-line stops Newsday 15 Aug 2016
Harbours Irish Times Simplex 17 Sep 2015
New York and Los Angeles, e.g Jonesin 10 Sep 2015
Ship refueling places USA Today 28 Aug 2015
Au Basques and Alberni Canadiana 06 Apr 2015
Places with wharves New York Times 02 Feb 2015
Sweet wines Newsday 02 Jan 2015
Modern connection points New York Times 02 Jan 2015
Spots where peripherals stick out
They're left at sea
Seaside cities
New York and Los Angeles
Places to put your boat
*Cruise stops
Where ships call
Places to call
Cities that host ships
New York, Baltimore and New Orleans
Where the cruise ship band unwinds
PC jacks
Wires may connect to them
New York and New Orleans
Destinations for some wires
Baltimore and Philadelphia
Wine bar offerings
Places to plug in peripherals
Filling stations?
Where ship captains hang out
New Orleans and Houston, for two
58 Across, et al.
Los Angeles and New York
Cruise ship stops
Peripheral plug-in places
Plug-in places
Entry points
New York City and Los Angeles, e.g.
Computer access points
Cork and Corfu, for two
Sailors call on them
Seaside towns
Computer connections
Los Angeles and San Francisco, e.g.
Unloading places
Sweet red wines
Cork and Corfu, e.g.
Commercial hubs
Spots to plug in peripherals
Some wines
Bari and Barcelona
Wharf locales
Red wines
After-dinner wines
Ships' stops
Docking locales
Computer connection points
Holes in the Titanic
New York and New Orleans, for two
New York and Los Angeles, e.g.
New York, San Francisco et al.
Baltimore, Boston, and Bangkok
They receive many calls
Ibert's "___ of Call"
Oran and Boston
New York and Boston
Ajaccio and Algeciras
Wines of the Douro
Places of call
Passages for gas, steam, etc.
Boston and New York, e.g.
___ of call
Sea gateways
Liners' destinations
Said and Arthur
New York et al.
Moresby and Said
Liverpool and Bremen
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.