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Crossword Clues for PRAYER

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Clue Source Date
Petition to God The Telegraph Quick 24 Nov 2020
Entreaty, supplication The Guardian Speedy 08 Nov 2020
Masjid activity USA Today 25 Oct 2020
Supplication The Washington Post 21 Oct 2020
Orison Eugene Sheffer 19 Oct 2020
Petition to a deity Irish Times Simplex 14 Oct 2020
Grace, for example Newsday 04 Oct 2020
Earnest hope The Telegraph Quick 28 Sep 2020
Earnest request to God The Telegraph General Knowledge 09 Aug 2020
Light entering for each supplication The Sun Two Speed 20 Apr 2020
Entreaty The Sun Two Speed 20 Apr 2020
Grace, e.g LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2020
Organises publicity for New Year appeal Irish Times Crosaire 17 Dec 2019
Occasion to speak up? New York Times 21 Nov 2019
Grace, for one Thomas Joseph 26 Oct 2019
Appeal to a god The Times Concise 15 Nov 2018
It's spun in a Tibetan monastery* Wall Street Journal 09 May 2018
Request from the pulpit The Washington Post Sunday 15 Apr 2018
Collect, for example, from settler across river The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Nov 2017
'Hail Mary, full of grace ...,' e.g New York Times 15 Aug 2017
Entreaty sees member of team changing sides? The Times Cryptic 13 Feb 2017
"Hail Mary, full of grace ...," e.g.
Request to God The Times Concise 15 Nov 2016
Thing said before bedtime Universal 01 Nov 2016
Petition The Telegraph Quick 29 Oct 2016
Bit of light comes in through devotional exercise The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Oct 2016
Beginning of many a meal The Washington Post 12 Aug 2016
Slight chance LA Times Daily 28 May 2016
Plea to God The Sun Two Speed 23 Jan 2016
It could bring you to your knees The Sun Two Speed 23 Jan 2016
An appeal to a deity The Times Concise 31 Dec 2015
Litany The Telegraph Quick 24 Dec 2015
Gently beam before Queen request The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Oct 2015
Religious request Newsday 05 Oct 2015
Remote chance, informally New York Times 17 Sep 2015
Victimizer of the devout? Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2015
Appeal offering little hope? The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Aug 2015
Collect petition The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jun 2015
Bedtime ritual for many Family Time 25 May 2015
Controversial school topic Wall Street Journal 15 May 2015
Could be footballer switching left to right gets slightest of chances The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Feb 2015
Words before "amen" Universal 20 Feb 2015
Communication with the divine
Purpose of some rugs
Bedtime appeal
Divine entreaty
Controversial school subject
Bedtime recitation
Saying of grace, e.g.
Something a father says?
Something a father may hear
Mass petition
Bedtime ritual
"Amen" preceder
Nightly ritual for many
Wing partner
Speaking up?
Devout request
It ends with something found four times in this puzzle
Canonical hour recitation
Sunday service segment
Missal entry
Slightest chance
Talking up?
Mourner's Kaddish, e.g.
Partner of wing
"God bless us every one," e.g.
Grace, e.g.
Function of some wheels
Type of book or closet
Church activity
Lord's ___
Not a ___ (no chance)
Congress opener.
Opening of Inaugural ceremony.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.