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Crossword Clues for PRIEST

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Clue Source Date
Minister responsible for 1 down Irish Times Crosaire 12 Nov 2020
Mass leader Thomas Joseph 10 Nov 2020
Therapist takes off hat to minister Irish Times Crosaire 22 Sep 2020
Confessional figure Universal 26 Jun 2020
Mr. Rite? New York Times 12 Jun 2020
Catholic cleric USA Today 07 Jun 2020
Minister of religion Irish Times Simplex 02 Jun 2020
Cassock wearer LA Times Daily 17 May 2020
It has the same consonants as "purest" Universal 03 Apr 2020
Sermon deliverer Newsday 02 Dec 2019
Mass producer? Wall Street Journal 20 Nov 2019
Cleric The Times Concise 12 Oct 2019
Minister sticks his nose in over closing of parliament The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Oct 2019
Minister given award, no unknown saint The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Aug 2019
Member of the clergy Irish Times Simplex 22 May 2019
Mass individual The Washington Post Sunday 03 Mar 2019
Ordained minister Irish Times Simplex 17 Nov 2018
Cleric in bother about religious instruction The Sun Two Speed 07 Nov 2018
Clergyman The Sun Two Speed 07 Nov 2018
Cleric is meddling with opening of text The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Oct 2018
Cleric in bother about first of religious instructions The Sun Two Speed 07 Aug 2018
Religious teacher, 'elder' in New Testament Greek The Guardian Speedy 14 Jul 2018
Person who preaches voting system set out by Italy The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jul 2018
Train trips around Spain with father figure Irish Times Crosaire 09 May 2018
Father Time goes after peers The Telegraph Toughie 13 Apr 2018
Prayer provider Universal 18 Feb 2018
Catholic clergyman Family Time 12 Feb 2018
Minister in power tries to reform The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jan 2018
Train trips around Spain like in 18 across Irish Times Crosaire 17 Aug 2017
Train trips around Spain with spiritual leader Irish Times Crosaire 05 Dec 2016
Inspector misses con by minister Irish Times Crosaire 14 Nov 2016
Party with the Host Newsday 08 Oct 2016
Spiritual leader The Telegraph Quick 21 Sep 2016
Vivaldi was ordained as one LA Times Daily 22 Jul 2016
Mass figure USA Today 21 Jul 2016
A minister The Telegraph Quick 19 Apr 2016
Exorcism performer USA Today 24 Mar 2016
Minister snoops by the square The Sun Two Speed 26 Jan 2016
Father meddles with Time The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jan 2016
White-collar wearer Newsday 17 Jan 2016
Man of the cloth The Washington Post 26 Dec 2015
Bishop's subordinate USA Today 18 Dec 2015
Minister gets both sides of prima facie case to test Irish Times Crosaire 20 Nov 2015
Father figure New York Times 29 Oct 2015
Minister sticks his nose in treacle, firstly The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jul 2015
Figure in 'The Exorcist' New York Times 13 May 2015
Crosby role in "Going My Way" USA Today 21 Feb 2015
Figure in "The Exorcist"
Unwed father?
Clerical worker
Mulcahy on "M*A*S*H," e.g.
White-collar worker?
White-collar worker
Sermon server
One hearing a confession
Canterbury pilgrim
The rite person?
Miter wearer
Flock leader
Father to many?
Christian guide
Incense burner, at times
Confession receiver
Altar figure
Clerical worker?
Certain celebrant
Alb wearer
Person performing an exorcism
Father figure?
Druid, e.g.
Leader of the flock
One doing clerical work
Chasuble wearer
White-collar position
Opus Dei member
Anglican cleric
Penitent's confidant
Certain man of the cloth
Sunday speaker
Certain Druid
Sermon speaker
Collar wearer
Religious figure
High ___
Blesser of holy water
Mass celebrant
Father Flanagan, for one
Unwed father
Sacerdotal figure
Religious counselor
Cobb's Judge ___
A confessor
Member of the sacerdocy
Former U.S. Treasurer: 1952
Don Camillo.
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