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Crossword Clues for PRIMA

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Clue Source Date
Word before donna or ballerina Wall Street Journal 30 Mar 2020
___ donna Universal 28 Mar 2020
First: Lat New York Times 13 Feb 2020
First: Lat.
___ ballerina Universal 11 Nov 2019
Louis of New Orleans jazz USA Today 19 Oct 2019
Word before ballerina or donna USA Today 16 Aug 2019
Ballerina descriptor
"The ___ Ballerina" (Degas) Universal 22 Aug 2018
__ donna The Washington Post 16 Aug 2018
-- donna (vain sort) Premier Sunday 13 May 2018
"Donna" or "vera" go-with Universal 26 Apr 2018
___ facie (legal phrase) New York Times 13 Jan 2018
Ballerina type Universal 27 Dec 2017
Louis who sang "Sing, Sing, Sing" USA Today 30 Jul 2017
Kind of ballerina Wall Street Journal 29 Jul 2017
Word before "donna" Universal 21 Jul 2017
-- donna Thomas Joseph 22 May 2017
Donna's intro? Universal 01 Oct 2016
"Donna" or "vera" opening Universal 25 Aug 2016
donna Eugene Sheffer 03 Jun 2016
__ ballerina Universal 02 May 2016
First, in Florence Canadiana 20 Jul 2015
It's in front of donna USA Today 12 Jul 2015
Trumpeter Louis LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2015
Louis who trumpeted
Word with "donna" or "ballerina"
Start for "donna" or "vera"
Donna's leader?
__ facie (obvious, in law)
__ donna (diva)
__ facie
___ facie (at first glance)
"Sing Sing Sing" singer Louis
-- ballerina
___ donna (opera star)
Italian "first"
"Jump, Jive, an' Wail" composer
___ donna (vain sort)
___ facie
Bandleader Louis
__ donna (temperamental person)
"Sing Sing Sing" penner
Word with donna or ballerina
Franco's first
Ballet first?
Word with ballerina or donna
"Jump, Jive, an' Wail" composer/bandleader Louis
Donna preceder
Singer Louis
Like some ballerinas
Fermi's first
Singer/bandleader Louis
Donna or facie opener
Word with ballerina
_____ donna
"The _____ Ballerina" (Degas work)
66 Donna at the Met
_____ ballerina
Donna's first name?
Donna or vera opening
The ____ Ballerina : Degas pastel
Jazzman Louis
Jazz trumpeter Louis
Louis ___, memorable bandleader
___ facie evidence
___ volta (musical direction)
Louis from La.
Galley-proof word
Singer-bandleader Louis
Louis from Louisiana
Late Louis from Louisiana
___ facie (at first sight)
Word with donna or facie
Donna or facie
Donna or ballerina
Bandman Louis
___ facie.
First: It.
First, in Italy.
___ donna.
Louis the bandleader.
Louis of trumpet fame.
Louis from New Orleans.
___ facie (at first view): Lat.
"Sing Sing Sing" composer
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.