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Crossword Clues for PRIMO

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Clue Source Date
De-e-eluxe New York Times 15 Nov 2020
Top-quality Universal 06 Nov 2020
Grade A New York Times 06 Nov 2020
Top-shelf, informally Newsday 30 Sep 2020
Top-notch Newsday 08 Jul 2020
Real good USA Today 09 May 2020
First-class The Washington Post Sunday 29 Mar 2020
Very good USA Today 02 Dec 2019
Top-drawer The Washington Post 23 Nov 2019
Top-quality, slangily USA Today 27 Sep 2019
First-rate, in slang Eugene Sheffer 29 May 2019
Super The Washington Post 13 Jan 2019
Elevated notes may be associated with such old-maidish love The Telegraph Toughie 28 Aug 2018
Flawless, to Pietro Canadiana 18 Jun 2018
Choice New York Times 21 Jan 2018
First-rate Thomas Joseph 16 Dec 2017
Top-quality, so to speak Newsday 29 Sep 2017
Superb, slangily USA Today 23 Jul 2017
Top shelf Universal 26 Mar 2017
Player having edge in work tipped The Times Cryptic 01 Dec 2016
Top-rated LA Times Daily 30 Oct 2016
Excellent, in slang Thomas Joseph 26 Oct 2016
Group in circulation after proper lead singer The Times Cryptic 21 Sep 2016
First-rate, slangily Universal 06 Sep 2016
No amateur, this person's bound to get leading role The Telegraph Toughie 14 Jun 2016
A-one LA Times Daily 15 Jan 2016
Top-of-the-line USA Today 10 Jul 2015
First-class, in slang
Top-notch, slangily
Top-drawer, slangily
Name for a first "figlio"
Top-quality, in slang
First-rate, informally
First among Italians
Excellent, slangily
First-class, informally
Of the best quality
The best
Very valuable, slangily
Top-notch, in slang
First-class, so to speak
Of the highest quality, slangily
Absolutely fabulous
First class
Carnera of "Mighty Joe Young"
Italian first
Duet part
Author Levi
Heavyweight Carnera
First-class (slang)
Ensemble's leading part
Carnera of boxing
Heavyweight champ Carnera: 1933
___ violino
Boxer Carnera
First part
In the first place
Carnera of ring fame
Carnera of boxing fame
Leading part: Mus.
First: It.
First part, as in a duet or trio.
___ de Rivera, Spanish general.
In music, first: Ital.
Sig. Carnera.
Boxer Carnera.
Boxing champion of 1933.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.