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Crossword Clues for PROMO

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Clue Source Date
Program preview, for short Newsday 28 Sep 2020
Teaser ad Universal 18 Sep 2020
Publicity piece, for short Newsday 29 Jul 2020
Preview ad Universal 27 Jun 2020
___ code (online retailer's offering) USA Today 24 Mar 2020
Advertising film or video The Times Concise 12 Feb 2020
TV teaser Wall Street Journal 23 Dec 2019
Ad The Washington Post 04 Dec 2019
Movie trailer, e.g USA Today 08 Nov 2019
Hollywood tease The Washington Post 09 Jun 2019
Teaser The Washington Post 21 Apr 2019
Sneak preview, informally Universal 13 Mar 2019
''Coming soon'' ad, for short Newsday 25 Feb 2019
"Coming soon" ad teaser Universal 10 Feb 2019
Sneak preview, say The Washington Post 28 Sep 2018
___ code The Washington Post Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Spot broadcast Universal 21 May 2018
Publicity video The Washington Post 04 May 2018
Teaser ad, e.g Universal 03 Jan 2018
Teaser ad, e.g.
___ code (discount provider) New York Times 04 Jul 2017
TV ad Thomas Joseph 30 Jun 2017
Program preview Universal 27 Jun 2017
Film trailer, e.g Newsday 04 Jun 2017
Brochure or blurb, maybe Premier Sunday 19 Feb 2017
Movie trailer, e.g.
Concert ordered to start with a short film to attract public attention Irish Times Crosaire 21 Sep 2016
Trailer, briefly Universal 12 Sep 2016
'Coming up next' ad Thomas Joseph 21 Apr 2016
Nothing to be added to concert advertisement The Times Cryptic 25 Jan 2016
PSA, say LA Times Daily 12 Dec 2015
Spot broadcast, often Universal 21 Nov 2015
Advertisement for Farah? The Telegraph Toughie 11 Nov 2015
Commercial for a TV show Eugene Sheffer 04 Sep 2015
Filmgoer's lure USA Today 08 Jul 2015
Publicity ad, for short Newsday 15 Jun 2015
Paid sportsman on doctor's publicity material The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jun 2015
Leader of orchestra appearing at the end of concert video? The Times Cryptic 11 May 2015
Ad for Jan, say The Telegraph Toughie 06 May 2015
Spot or ad USA Today 28 Apr 2015
Teaser, for short USA Today 23 Feb 2015
Product pitch
TV spot
Interest piquer
Teaser ad, for short
Trailer, e.g.
"Coming up next" ad
Look at things to come?
Film trailer, e.g.
"Next week on ..." ad
Free sample, for example
"Coming soon" ad
Type of ad
Publicity ploy, for short
"Coming soon" announcement
Spot on TV
Main feature lead-in, often
Film ad, e.g.
Free sample, say
Publicity device, for short
Many an ad
TV ad, e.g.
"Coming soon" announcement, e.g.
Many a TV clip
TV ad, for one
Brochure, maybe
Free baseball cap day, for one
TV spot, e.g.
Film trailer
Merchandising scheme, briefly
TV clip
Clip for TV
Tube teaser
Radio spot, e.g.
Free offer, e.g.
Publicity item, for short
"Coming attractions" ad
Short book signing e.g.
Sale booster, perhaps
Ad campaign
Bit of hype
Novelist Levi
Blurb, e.g.
TV tease
Sneak preview
Advertising ploy
Advertising film
Adman's P.R. device
Ad event
Sales come-on, for short
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.