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Crossword Clues for PROWL

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Clue Source Date
Search for prey Newsday 13 Nov 2020
Patrol for prey Premier Sunday 27 Sep 2020
Creep in front line The Telegraph Toughie 06 Aug 2020
Search for prey, as a tiger Family Time 06 Jul 2020
Prepare to prey Newsday 24 Aug 2019
Hunt like a lion Newsday 30 Jul 2019
Move about stealthily The Times Concise 05 Jul 2019
Be on the hunt Premier Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Go in search of The Animals backing record covering Clash Irish Times Crosaire 10 Jun 2019
Where one sees stem and large stalk The Telegraph Toughie 05 Dec 2018
Move with stealth Wall Street Journal 29 Sep 2018
Hunt stealthily The Washington Post 27 Sep 2018
Do some skulking Wall Street Journal 19 Jul 2018
Lurk The Washington Post 06 Apr 2018
Hunt like a cat The Washington Post 19 Mar 2018
Roam with stealth Newsday 06 Feb 2018
Walk menacingly The Telegraph Quick 21 Oct 2017
Go on the hunt Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2017
Move around restlessly The Times Concise 21 Jul 2017
Navy's front line cruise around stealthily The Times Cryptic 10 Jul 2017
Roam in search of prey The Times Concise 24 Mar 2017
Pussyfoot around backing record with Clash covers Irish Times Crosaire 05 Jan 2017
Roam predatorily Eugene Sheffer 03 Oct 2016
Walk about The Telegraph Quick 08 Sep 2016
Move like mountain lions Newsday 28 Feb 2016
Cruise ship's bow line The Times Cryptic 21 Sep 2015
Beat around the bush? New York Times 30 Aug 2015
Go about stealthily Irish Times Simplex 02 Jan 2015
Lurk like a leopard
Move like a lion
Roam stealthily
Move like a jungle cat
Rove furtively
Lurk like a lion
Search for prey, e.g.
Move stealthily
Search stealthily
Hunt for prey
Go hunting
Slinky motion
Go out hunting
Skulk about
What predators do
Search stealthily, as for prey
Emulate a 100 Down
Move like a puma
Walk like a cat
Sneak around
Roam furtively
Kind of car
Look for prey
Emulate a cat
Patrol stealthily
Nose about stealthily
Kind of police car
___ car.
Sneak about.
Wild beasts do it.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.