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Crossword Clues for PURRS

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Clue Source Date
Runs smoothly Wall Street Journal 17 Oct 2020
Contented cat sounds Universal 11 Jun 2020
Cat sounds The Telegraph Quick 20 Apr 2020
Sounds like a well-tuned engine Newsday 28 Jul 2019
Runs like a tuned engine USA Today 04 Jul 2019
Sounds from Abyssinians USA Today 28 May 2019
Contented sounds Thomas Joseph 21 Dec 2018
Engine sounds New York Times 13 Dec 2018
Sounds from contented kitties Newsday 19 Nov 2018
Feline sounds The Telegraph Quick 02 Mar 2018
Runs smoothly, as an engine The Washington Post 01 Jan 2018
Engine hums Eugene Sheffer 15 Dec 2017
Happy cats' sounds Newsday 24 Oct 2017
Says seductively Wall Street Journal 05 Jan 2017
Sounds from a happy kitty New York Times 30 Aug 2016
Feline utterances Universal 21 May 2016
Cats' noises The Telegraph Quick 06 May 2016
Good vibrations, in the cat world LA Times Daily 08 Feb 2016
Utters soft sounds
Copies a happy cat Premier Sunday 10 May 2015
Doesn't ping USA Today 06 Apr 2015
Contented cats' sounds
Sounds of contentment
Well-tuned engine sounds
Sounds like a pussy
Sounds content
Runs great
Runs well
Contented comments from 27 Down
Betrays contentment
Cat murmurs
Smooth engine sounds
Doesn't knock?
Acts contentedly
Sounds from content Persians
Satisfied sounds
Runs sweetly
Signs of kitty's contentment
Shows contentment
Sounds contented
Siamese sounds
What a good engine does
Kitty's murmurs
Was recently tuned, as an engine
Hums like an engine
Runs smoothly, like an engine
Manx thanks
Post tune-up sounds
Expresses pleasure
Doesn't knock or ping
Good engine sounds
Ailurophiles' rewards
Sounds satisfied
Sounds contented.
Sounds of contentment.
Motor sounds.
Contented sounds.
Feline sounds.
Low, vibratory sounds.
Pleasant sounds.
Murmurs contentedly.
Contented feline sounds.
Catty sounds.
Sphynx sounds
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.