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Crossword Clues for RAFFLE

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Clue Source Date
Charity moneymaker Universal 14 Jul 2020
Lottery The Telegraph Quick 08 Dec 2018
Lotto The Telegraph Quick 08 Jul 2018
General staff releasing agents is a gamble that inevitably throws up winners and losers Irish Times Crosaire 06 Jun 2018
Fundraiser with tickets Wall Street Journal 05 Feb 2018
School or church fundraiser Family Time 16 Apr 2017
Fund-raising lottery Newsday 22 Aug 2016
Fundraising option USA Today 27 May 2016
School fund-raiser Family Time 08 May 2016
Ticket lottery The Guardian Quick 29 Apr 2016
Fundraising device Universal 01 Nov 2015
Drawing activity Wall Street Journal 16 Oct 2015
Charity fundraiser Thomas Joseph 23 May 2015
School fundraiser
Fund-raising event
It'll draw people to a drawing
Drawing of a school, perhaps
Common fundraiser
Fund-raiser with a drawing
50-50, for example
Drawing room event?
Fund-raising device
Something to take a chance on
Many a school fund-raiser
Fund-raising option
Fundraiser lottery
Drawing of a sort
Church fund-raiser
Popular money-raiser
Kind of ticket
Fundraising event
Club fund-raiser
Fundraising event, sometimes
Ticket in a fund-raiser
Common fund-raiser
Popular fund-raiser
Chancy fund-raiser
Church money raiser
Chance to raise money
Chance happening
Church drawing
Type of lottery
Money raiser
This gives you a chance
Fund-raising medium
Money-raising device.
Form of lottery.
Fund-raising perennial.
One way to win a prize.
A lottery.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.