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Crossword Clues for RAIDS

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Clue Source Date
Special forces operations USA Today 03 Sep 2019
Forays Thomas Joseph 06 Aug 2019
Invasions Thomas Joseph 03 Aug 2019
SWAT team actions New York Times 15 Jul 2019
Midnight fridge visits USA Today 21 Mar 2019
Fridge forays Newsday 20 Feb 2019
Busts Universal 19 Jan 2019
Helps to chase runs and attacks The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Oct 2018
Military actions to remove ape from Paradise Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jul 2018
Ransacks suddenly Universal 05 May 2018
Sneak attacks Universal 21 Apr 2018
Ring leader helps with the attacks The Sun Two Speed 22 Mar 2018
Acts like a Viking god, one sad on reflection when Freya finally leaves The Telegraph Toughie 17 Jan 2018
Aggressive corporate tactics The Washington Post 13 Jan 2018
Surprise attacks The Washington Post 08 Jan 2018
Viking missions The Washington Post Sunday 31 Dec 2017
DEA activity The Washington Post 05 Nov 2017
Vice squad stormings Universal 09 Jun 2017
Sudden attacks Eugene Sheffer 25 Feb 2017
Vice squad incursions LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2016
Military actions LA Times Daily 11 Jun 2016
Woes for drug kingpins Wall Street Journal 08 Mar 2016
Eliot Ness actions Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2016
Ringleader helps with the attacks The Sun Two Speed 10 Feb 2016
Commando operations Wall Street Journal 15 Dec 2015
Surprise missions LA Times Daily 29 Nov 2015
Police busts Newsday 13 Oct 2015
Evidence may be seized during them LA Times Daily 13 Sep 2015
Resistance leader helps in forays The Times Cryptic 26 Aug 2015
Invades LA Times Daily 07 Aug 2015
Commando activities USA Today 23 Mar 2015
Police incursions
DEA actions
Bootleggers' worries
Ransacks the refrigerator
Commando excursions
Military incursions
Forays to the fridge
Commando incursions
FBI tactics
Smugglers' worries
Vice squad strategies
Speakeasy owners' concerns
Police actions
Military surprises
Daring operations
Commando actions
Sudden assaults
Midnight visits to the refrigerator
Police operations
FBI attacks
What cults might arm themselves to protect against
Summer-camp hijinks
Speakeasy risks
Vice squad operations
Refrigerator runs
Carry Nation visits
Fridge forays, e.g.
Bookies' nightmares
Unscrupulous recruitment
Fridge incursions
Empties, as the refrigerator late at night
Midnight trips to the fridge
Fridge invasions
Speakeasy events
Narcs' exploits
Police ploys
Commando doings
They might come by air
Speakeasies' worries
Speak-easy action
Military strategies
Police work
Takeover actions
Outings for Eliot Ness
Sneak attack
Military tactics
Attacks without warning
Speakeasy's nightmares
Surprise attacks from the police
Military forays
Speakeasy banes
Visits from Vikings
Visits from Carry Nation
Corporate operations
Narc activities
Steals from
Trips to the fridge
Speakeasy occurrences
Takes by storm
Police activities
Icebox incursions
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.