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Crossword Clues for RANUP

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Clue Source Date
Accumulated, as debts LA Times Daily 17 Nov 2020
Incurred, as debt Thomas Joseph 23 Oct 2020
Kept adding to, as a tab The Washington Post 18 Oct 2020
Amassed, as expenses Universal 24 Sep 2020
Accumulated, as a bar bill Newsday 03 Aug 2020
Accumulated, as a tab Newsday 07 Apr 2020
Incurred, as expenses New York Times 06 Apr 2020
Accumulated, as expenses
Increased excessively, as a score Universal 15 Oct 2019
Amassed Wall Street Journal 23 Apr 2019
Amassed, as a tab Universal 10 Mar 2019
Incurred, as debts Universal 09 Mar 2019
Accrued Wall Street Journal 22 Dec 2018
Accumulated, as debt Thomas Joseph 23 Nov 2018
Incurred Universal 21 Sep 2018
Incurred, as a bar tab USA Today 08 Mar 2018
Sewed swiftly Newsday 03 Nov 2017
Raised rapidly Newsday 28 Sep 2017
Raised, as a flag New York Times 10 Sep 2017
Accumulated some homespun articles on the way back The Telegraph Cryptic 10 May 2017
Accumulated Thomas Joseph 01 Dec 2016
Quickly raised Newsday 19 Nov 2016
Arrived in a hurry The Washington Post 05 Nov 2016
Amassed, as debts LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2016
Deliberately increased
Amassed, as a 35-Across
Let accumulate
Amassed, as a bar tab
Came in second?
Amassed, as debt
Quickly accumulated
What the mouse did clockwise?
Incurred, as a bar bill
Increased, as a tab
U.N. rap added rapidly
Amassed, as a bar tab: 2 wds.
Incurred, as a debt
Accumulated, as a bill
Accumulated, as a debt
Accumulated, as bills
Incurred, as charges
Amassed, as a debt
Approached at a high rate of speed
Accumulated debt
Increased, as the score
Increased, in a way
Increased a tab
Approached quickly
Accumulated, as charges
The mouse ____ the clock . . .
Added rapidly
Sewed hastily
Made rapidly
Hemmed hastily
Let bills accumulate
Hoisted, as a flag
Stitched quickly
"The mouse ___ the clock"
Sewed rapidly
" . . . mouse ___ the clock"
Erected hastily
"The mouse ___ . . . "
What the mice did to the clock
What the mouse did to the clock
Raised rapidly.
Made hastily.
Made rapidly.
"The mouse ___ the clock . . . "
Accumulated, as a bill.
Kept adding to, as a bar tab
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