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Crossword Clues for RATHER

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Clue Source Date
Somewhat in clover at hers The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Oct 2020
To a significant degree Wall Street Journal 07 Oct 2020
Quite right, with swimmer losing head The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Sep 2020
Quite USA Today 06 Sep 2020
To a certain extent Irish Times Simplex 29 Aug 2020
"Au contraire ..." Universal 04 Aug 2020
Somewhat The Telegraph Quick 01 Aug 2020
Sooner; somewhat The Telegraph Quick 18 May 2020
Somewhat sooner The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Apr 2020
Prefer Irish Times Simplex 18 Apr 2020
Preferably pretty The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Apr 2020
To some extent The Washington Post Sunday 15 Mar 2020
Despicable person, that woman? On the contrary The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Feb 2020
'On the contrary . . .' USA Today 19 Aug 2019
In preference Irish Times Simplex 08 Aug 2019
Kind of Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2019
"On the contrary . . ."
Word of preference Universal 16 Jun 2018
Very much on the contrary The Telegraph Cryptic 23 May 2018
Definitely second, third and the fifth letters of 'prairie' The Telegraph Toughie 01 May 2018
More precisely The Times Concise 25 Dec 2017
Fairly Eugene Sheffer 28 Aug 2017
Take part in opera -- The Ring? Yes, indeed! The Telegraph Cryptic 28 May 2017
Pretty person in water ignoring bachelor by river The Telegraph Toughie 10 Mar 2017
Sailor returning for that woman? On the contrary, it's something else! Irish Times Crosaire 18 Feb 2017
Infinite time The Times Concise 21 Oct 2016
Pretty, that woman coming after despicable chap The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Mar 2016
Pest, that woman? I should say! The Sun Two Speed 01 Feb 2016
A bit sooner The Telegraph Toughie 18 Nov 2015
Desert that woman? Yes! The Telegraph Toughie 27 Oct 2015
Following sailor back, the woman's pretty The Telegraph Toughie 22 Oct 2015
Quite; sooner The Telegraph Quick 19 Sep 2015
Former network anchor Thomas Joseph 11 Apr 2015
Preferably Jonesin 01 Jan 2015
Schieffer's predecessor
To the contrary
Newsman Dan
Former Brokaw rival
Preference word
Manchester Orchestra "I'd ___ Have"
Dan from Wharton, Texas
Cronkite's successor
Alternative word
Newscaster Dan
More readily
Cronkite successor
See 29-Down
On the contrary
Sort of
He plans to resign 3/9/2005
TV newsman Dan
Prefer to
Brokaw colleague
Anchorman Dan
More then a little
To some degree
Instead with than
CBS anchor Dan
Brit's accented reply
TV's Dan
Chung's partner
Chung's co-anchor
TV newsman
TV anchorman
Rival of Brokaw
A rival of Jennings
A Brokaw rival
Somewhat, Dan
Dan ___ likes TV news
TV news name
Yes, indeed
"I'd ___ be right . . . "
Word of preference.
On the other hand.
British colloquial affirmative.
To the contrary.
On the contrary.
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