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Crossword Clues for REESES

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Clue Source Date
Hershey's neighbor on candy counters Newsday 08 Nov 2020
___ Pieces (peanut butter candy) USA Today 23 Oct 2020
Candy brand with orange wrappers Universal 28 Jul 2020
Name on orange packages Wall Street Journal 25 Jul 2020
Brand whose sales skyrocketed after the release of 'E.T.' New York Times 28 Jun 2020
Brand of candy cups The Washington Post Sunday 17 May 2020
___ Pieces New York Times 17 May 2020
Brand of peanut butter cups USA Today 15 Apr 2020
__ Pieces The Washington Post 08 Mar 2020
Maker of candy 'Pieces' The Washington Post 06 Jan 2020
Maker of candy "Pieces" LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2020
Brand munched by E.T The Washington Post 08 Nov 2019
Peanut butter cup possessive Wall Street Journal 09 Oct 2019
__ Pieces (snack brand) Newsday 06 Aug 2019
___ Pieces (candy brand) USA Today 28 Jul 2019
___ Pieces (candy) New York Times 15 Jul 2019
Name on some candy wrappers
__ Pieces (candy brand) Newsday 21 Nov 2018
Fast Break candy brand The Washington Post Sunday 26 Aug 2018
Big name in peanut butter candy USA Today 06 Aug 2018
'Pieces' candy brand USA Today 25 Jul 2018
Candy brand owned by Hershey New York Times 25 Mar 2018
Piece maker The Washington Post 03 Feb 2018
Peanut butter candy brand
"Pieces" candy brand
Big name in candy The Washington Post 17 Dec 2017
Nutrageous brand Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2017
Peanut butter cup brand Wall Street Journal 04 Dec 2017
Brand on a NutRageous wrapper Wall Street Journal 14 Oct 2017
Giant in little candy The Washington Post 15 Sep 2017
Peanut-butter candy brand Newsday 31 Jul 2017
Candy known for its orange wrapping New York Times 01 Jan 2017
___ Pieces (Hershey brand) Wall Street Journal 09 Aug 2016
Della and others Canadiana 04 Jul 2016
Hershey brand Newsday 10 Apr 2016
Big Cup brand New York Times 20 Feb 2016
''Pieces'' candy brand Newsday 26 Jan 2016
Crispy Crunchy candy bar maker LA Times Daily 24 Jan 2016
Popular pieces LA Times Daily 17 Jan 2016
Pieces seen in "E.T." USA Today 13 Jan 2016
Della and Pee Wee Thomas Joseph 24 Aug 2015
Name on peanut butter cups Newsday 05 Apr 2015
Puffs cereal brand
Name on NutRageous
Pieces of peanut butter?
___ Puffs
___ Peanut Butter Cups
With 41-Down, composition of a trail followed by [circled letters]
Hershey brand since '63
Hershey Foods brand
Big name in little candy
Proper possessive on some candy wrappers
Maker of peanut butter cups
Fast Break maker
Big name in cups
Alternative to Mars
Maker of "Pieces"
NutRageous candy bar brand
Candy brand
Big name in pieces
Big name in peanut butter cups
Peanut-butter treat brand
Hershey's brand
"You got chocolate in my peanut butter..." candy brand
__ Pieces: candy brand
Chocolate candy brand
Big Cup maker
M&M's rival
Popular cups
Popular candy pieces
NutRageous bar maker
Possessive on candy wrappers
Sundae add-in
"Pieces" of candy
___ Pieces (lookalikes of M&M's)
Maker of the Whipps candy bar
Maker of the Whipps bar
Whipps candy bar maker
E.T.'s treat, familiarly
Brand of peanut butter cup
-- Pieces (candy)
__ Pieces (E.T. nosh)
Pieces that are popular
Candy wrapper word
__ Pieces candy
Possessive name on candy wrappers
__ Pieces (candy)
Brand of candy pieces
Peewee and Della
Pee Wee's family
Pee Wee and Della
Della of jazz, and family
Mars competitor
Candy name
Popular peanut butter candy
Maker of popular "pieces"
__ Peanut Butter Cups
___ Pieces (candy in "E.T.")
___ Cup (snack item)
NutRageous maker
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.