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Crossword Clues for REEVE

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Clue Source Date
"Superman" star Thomas Joseph 13 Nov 2020
"The Canterbury Tales" pilgrim LA Times Daily 08 Nov 2020
'The Canterbury Tales' pilgrim The Washington Post 08 Nov 2020
Superman actor The Telegraph Quick 07 Nov 2020
Old magistrate in care eventually The Sun Two Speed 13 Oct 2020
Super Kent player always around to conserve energy The Telegraph Toughie 06 Oct 2020
Bank of the Seine* Newsday 02 Oct 2020
Magistrate and former Kent player? The Sun Two Speed 01 Oct 2020
Chaucer tale teller Newsday 25 Sep 2020
Christopher who played Superman Universal 13 Sep 2020
'Superman' actor Christopher USA Today 26 Aug 2020
Magistrate in bizarre event The Sun Two Speed 23 Jul 2020
Old magistrate in there eventually The Sun Two Speed 18 Jul 2020
Magistrate woman tempted after scripture class The Sun Two Speed 29 Jun 2020
Feudal official of medieval England The Guardian Speedy 21 Jun 2020
Old magistrate The Sun Two Speed 19 Jun 2020
Official about with woman The Sun Two Speed 19 Jun 2020
Kent player in film LA Times Daily 27 May 2020
Superman portrayer Christopher Universal 22 May 2020
Superman actor on night before The Sun Two Speed 11 May 2020
Christopher ---, Superman actor The Sun Two Speed 30 Apr 2020
Christopher of “Superman” Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2020
'Superman' star Thomas Joseph 23 Dec 2019
One of Chaucer's pilgrims New York Times 15 Dec 2019
Pass a rope through a ring Irish Times Simplex 21 Nov 2019
Christopher of ''Superman'' Newsday 16 Oct 2019
Christopher of 'Superman' The Washington Post 29 Sep 2019
Christopher of "Superman" LA Times Daily 29 Sep 2019
Christopher in the miniseries 'Black Fox' The Washington Post Sunday 22 Sep 2019
English change course overturning old magistrate The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jul 2019
Anglo-Saxon official The Sun Two Speed 27 Jun 2019
He played Superman in "Superman" Universal 01 Jun 2019
Local official in Anglo-Saxon England The Times Specialist Sunday 17 Mar 2019
'Superman III' actor The Washington Post Sunday 13 Jan 2019
Official tempted woman after scripture class The Sun Two Speed 06 Jan 2019
Former magistrate The Telegraph Quick 09 Nov 2018
Anglo-Saxon magistrate The Times Concise 01 Nov 2018
'The Canterbury Tales' estate manager The Washington Post 01 Sep 2018
"The Canterbury Tales" estate manager LA Times Daily 01 Sep 2018
Late movie star Christopher Universal 31 Aug 2018
Chaucer tale-teller USA Today 11 Aug 2018
Christopher of "Deathtrap" Universal 28 Jul 2018
'Superman' star Christopher Premier Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Former official always up for entertaining English The Telegraph Toughie 01 Jun 2018
Late actor Christopher Universal 22 May 2018
'Superman' man The Washington Post Sunday 13 May 2018
'Deathtrap' actor The Washington Post 10 May 2018
"Deathtrap" actor LA Times Daily 10 May 2018
Film Superman Universal 17 Apr 2018
Pass through Rome's outskirts the night before The Telegraph Toughie 03 Apr 2018
Super man Christopher? Universal 26 Mar 2018
Caine's 'Deathtrap' co-star Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2018
Superman, on screen Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2017
'Still Me' memoirist The Washington Post 15 Dec 2017
"Still Me" memoirist LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2017
Actor Christopher Premier Sunday 19 Nov 2017
Turn up with eastern magistrate The Telegraph Toughie 27 Oct 2017
Christopher who portrayed Superman Universal 09 Oct 2017
Magistrate contributing to bizarre evening The Times Cryptic 19 Jul 2017
Chaucerian tale teller USA Today 15 Jun 2017
Bishop leaves long note welcoming Eastern magistrate The Times Cryptic 08 May 2017
Superman player The Washington Post 07 May 2017
Four-time Kent portrayer Wall Street Journal 16 Feb 2017
Chaucer pilgrim USA Today 12 Feb 2017
Superman portrayer Premier Sunday 05 Feb 2017
Chaucerian pilgrim USA Today 04 Feb 2017
He told tale about woman succumbing to temptation The Telegraph Toughie 23 Nov 2016
Former official's about-turn before end of case The Times Cryptic 19 Oct 2016
"The Canterbury Tales" character Universal 01 Sep 2016
Christopher of film Premier Sunday 17 Jul 2016
Female ruff The Telegraph Quick 10 Jun 2016
'Deathtrap' co-star Thomas Joseph 28 Apr 2016
Christopher of 'Deathtrap' Wall Street Journal 16 Apr 2016
Superman Christopher Universal 24 Feb 2016
Medieval official The Telegraph Quick 07 Nov 2015
Christopher who played Clark Kent USA Today 25 Sep 2015
Four-film portrayer of Superman Wall Street Journal 21 Aug 2015
Star of ''Superman'' Newsday 19 Aug 2015
"Superman" actor Christopher Universal 12 Aug 2015
A Superman portrayer USA Today 10 Aug 2015
Magistrate (historical) The Telegraph Quick 31 Jul 2015
Third tale-teller in 'The Canterbury Tales' Wall Street Journal 01 May 2015
Superman player Christopher LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2015
Kent portrayer on the big screen LA Times Daily 15 Feb 2015
Actor who played Superman Universal 27 Jan 2015
Third tale-teller in "The Canterbury Tales"
1978 Superman portrayer
Star of "Superman"
Oswald, in "The Canterbury Tales"
Heroic Christopher
"Superman" star Christopher
One of the Canterbury pilgrims
Tale-teller of Chaucer
Kent to Kidder's Lane
Superman portrayer on film
Kidder's Kent
Caine's co-star in "Deathtrap"
"Death Trap" star Christopher
Stem cell research advocate Christopher
Four-time Superman portrayer
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.