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Crossword Clues for REGAL

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Clue Source Date
Like a queen USA Today 20 Nov 2020
What some bearings are Newsday 19 Nov 2020
Majestic Thomas Joseph 23 Oct 2020
Fit for a king Thomas Joseph 03 Oct 2020
Queenly Premier Sunday 27 Sep 2020
Stately Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2020
Royal The Sun Two Speed 28 Aug 2020
Booze knocked back in Majestic The Sun Two Speed 28 Aug 2020
Fit for a queen Newsday 23 Aug 2020
Befitting a monarch Newsday 02 Aug 2020
Palatial, say Wall Street Journal 01 Aug 2020
Of stately bearing Newsday 31 Jul 2020
Magnificent in The Palace knocking back beer Irish Times Crosaire 14 Jul 2020
Beer sent up fit for king The Sun Two Speed 09 Jul 2020
Kingly Universal 06 Jul 2020
Splendid beer knocked back The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Apr 2020
Kingly or queenly The Times Concise 23 Apr 2020
Befitting a king or queen New York Times 17 Mar 2020
Dignified knocking beer back The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Feb 2020
Like rulers The Washington Post Sunday 19 Jan 2020
Befitting a queen Wall Street Journal 17 Dec 2019
Fit for a monarch The Times Concise 09 Nov 2019
Patrician Canadiana 04 Nov 2019
Monarchal Newsday 04 Oct 2019
Dignified knocking the beer back The Sun Two Speed 09 Aug 2019
Maybe Queen Vic's beer gets knocked back The Telegraph Toughie 26 Jul 2019
Small portable organ The Telegraph General Knowledge 01 Jul 2019
Befitting royalty USA Today 22 Mar 2019
Beer sent up that's fit for a king The Sun Two Speed 17 Mar 2019
Serve up booze fit for king The Sun Two Speed 07 Mar 2019
___ Cinemas, second-largest theater chain in the U.S New York Times 07 Feb 2019
___ Cinemas, second-largest theater chain in the U.S.
Befitting a king USA Today 01 Sep 2018
Suited for Her Highness Newsday 15 Mar 2018
A la king? Universal 23 Feb 2018
Splendid inside picture gallery The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Nov 2017
August The Chronicle of Higher Education 20 Oct 2017
Of noble bearing Universal 03 Sep 2017
Organ for example taken in by Royal Academy student The Times Cryptic 29 Jun 2017
Buick model New York Times 26 Mar 2017
Fit for royalty Universal 01 Feb 2017
Grand drink knocked back The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Jan 2017
Brazilian cash securing good portable organ The Times Cryptic 27 Dec 2016
Like princes Premier Sunday 23 Oct 2016
Like the color purple Universal 03 Sep 2016
Royal appears in picture gallery The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Aug 2016
Uncommon? New York Times 11 Aug 2016
Born to the purple Universal 08 Mar 2016
Of queenly quality The Washington Post 01 Feb 2016
Meant for monarchs Universal 27 Dec 2015
Like Simba LA Times Daily 04 Oct 2015
Courtly LA Times Daily 10 Sep 2015
Very impressive, knocking back booze The Telegraph Toughie 21 Jul 2015
Like a king Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2015
Imperial, majestic Irish Times Simplex 10 Mar 2015
Name in movie theaters
Fit for the throne
Queenly or kingly
Impressive, as accommodations
Big name in movie theaters
Princely, perhaps
Buick fit for a king?
Suitable for a sovereign
Like royalty
Like kings and queens
Splendidly stately
Queenly or princely
More than fancy
Fit for highness
Largest U.S. movie theater chain
Not common
Bygone Buick
À la king?
The ___ Beagle ("Three's Company" bar)
___ Theater, Chicago (historic jazz venue)
Far from base
Of the throne
Splendid and stately
Popular Buick
Apt for Elizabeth
Of the crown
Suitable for a king
Like Lear
Adjective for purple
Of queenly bearing
Stately; splendid
Like Ferdinand or Isabella
Adjective for a famous wedding: July 29, 1981
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.