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Crossword Clues for REPAY

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Clue Source Date
Settle, as a loan The Washington Post Sunday 18 Oct 2020
Settle a debt Newsday 12 Oct 2020
Give back to New York Times 03 Aug 2020
Return the favour to swimmer retaining record Irish Times Crosaire 01 Aug 2020
Fulfill financially Newsday 17 Jul 2020
Compensate occasionally greedy, grasping old man The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jul 2020
Settle, as a debt The Washington Post 25 Feb 2020
Square up with New York Times 16 Feb 2020
Recompense Premier Sunday 27 Oct 2019
Square things Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2019
Return, as a favor USA Today 10 Feb 2019
Give back The Washington Post 31 Jan 2019
Settle a loan Newsday 03 Dec 2018
Make good on USA Today 26 Sep 2018
Settle up with USA Today 25 Jul 2018
Satisfy, as a loan Universal 29 Dec 2017
Settle accounts Newsday 17 Sep 2017
Clean up a debt Universal 12 May 2017
Make good on a loan USA Today 01 Feb 2017
Satisfy, as a debt Universal 27 Dec 2016
One way to get out of debt Universal 28 Oct 2016
Get even with The Washington Post 21 Oct 2016
Get out of debt Jonesin 30 Aug 2016
Compensate swimmer holding on to record Irish Times Crosaire 14 Nov 2015
Satisfy a debt Universal 05 Jul 2015
Maintain one's credit rating? USA Today 17 Apr 2015
Settle a debt with Newsday 25 Jan 2015
Discharge a debt with
Give back, or get back (for)
Make good on a debt
Satisfy, as a mortgage
Best way to maintain one's credit rating
Return in kind
Give back, as money
Catch up on one's debt
Compensate for loss
Discharge, as debts
Discharge, as a debt
Honor a favor
Clear, as a loan
Retrieve a marker
Maintain one's credit rating
Even the score
Return the favor
Don't default on, as a loan
Clear, as a debt
Square things with
Satisfy a loan
Honor a loan
Give in kind
Satisfy the debt
Pay back
Settle a marker
Give money back to
Make good
Get even
Make good on, as a loan
Satisfy a mortgage
Make good on a chit
Clear the debt
Make amends, in a way
Settle, in a way
Make good on, as a debt
Service, as debt
Make it up to
Clear a debt
Take care of an IOU
Settle up
Settle accounts with
Satisfy an obligation
Satisfy as a debt
What avengers do
Give back capital
Wreak vengeance
Settle a debt.
Square accounts.
Make some return for.
Make restitution.
Honor a debt.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.