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Crossword Clues for RHUBARB

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Clue Source Date
Heated dispute The Washington Post 26 Oct 2020
Leaf-stalks cooked and used as if fruit The Telegraph General Knowledge 02 Aug 2020
Edible plant stems The Times Concise 23 May 2020
Plant; nonsense The Times Concise 15 May 2020
Plant stem used as fruit The Telegraph Quick 12 May 2020
Core supporter upset supporting Republican rubbish The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Mar 2020
Republican centre supporter brought up nonsense The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Dec 2019
Edible stalks The Guardian Speedy 08 Sep 2019
Plant with edible stems The Times Concise 17 Jul 2019
Leaf-stalks eaten with crumble The Telegraph Quick 10 Mar 2019
Tart vegetable in pies USA Today 19 Feb 2019
Nonsense The Telegraph Quick 14 Feb 2019
Tart pie filling Eugene Sheffer 27 Nov 2018
Fruit; nonsense The Telegraph Quick 31 Oct 2018
Stalks in a pie The Washington Post 30 Sep 2018
Nonsense; plant The Times Concise 10 May 2018
Tart plant stalk diced for pie filling The Washington Post 19 Mar 2018
Reddish leafstalks cooked and sweetened Irish Times Simplex 20 Nov 2017
Regret broadcast jibe? Nonsense The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Sep 2017
Plant grown for its stalks The Times Concise 01 Sep 2017
Edible stems The Telegraph Quick 10 Mar 2017
Centre parting starts to really annoy Richard Burton? Nonsense! The Telegraph Toughie 07 Mar 2017
Radical ban in centre relates to German wine - the type from the allotment Irish Times Crosaire 27 Aug 2016
Nonsense beginning in rough pub in the centre The Telegraph Toughie 24 Aug 2016
Stalky fruit The Telegraph Quick 05 May 2016
Stalks out of the kitchen garden The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Apr 2016
Resistance to ban in the centre and in the allotment Irish Times Crosaire 30 Jan 2016
Rubbish resistance by centre turned supporter The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Dec 2015
Plant with pink stalks The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2015
Background talk of edible stalks The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2015
Husband in game met by wounding remark? Nonsense The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Aug 2015
Restricted ban in the centre and in the allotment Irish Times Crosaire 18 Jul 2015
Noisy fight Thomas Joseph 13 Jul 2015
Pie filling The Telegraph Quick 04 Jul 2015
Indistinct stage chattering noise by actors The Guardian Quick 13 Jun 2015
Run centre with rising support? Nonsense The Telegraph Toughie 28 Apr 2015
Strawberry's partner-in-pie
Tart tart filling, perhaps
Diamond disorder, e.g.
Tart tart ingredient
Melee on the field
Kitchen garden plant.
Diamond argument.
Altercation: Slang.
Trouble on the diamond.
Free-for-all on the diamond.
Movie about a cat and baseball.
Wordy debate on the ball field.
Common garden plant.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.