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Crossword Clues for RIFFS

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Clue Source Date
Comic improvisations New York Times 24 Oct 2020
Musical phrases Thomas Joseph 24 Aug 2020
Musical bits Wall Street Journal 11 May 2019
Guitarists' phrases USA Today 19 Feb 2019
Jazz improvisations New York Times 09 Jan 2019
Jazz phrases Eugene Sheffer 26 Jun 2018
Repeated jazz phrases New York Times 26 Sep 2017
Guitar phrases New York Times 27 Jun 2017
Repeated short bits in jazz New York Times 12 Jun 2017
Jazz players' licks USA Today 31 May 2017
Jazzman's lines USA Today 07 Jun 2016
Repeated musical phrases New York Times 06 Dec 2015
Jazz licks
Audible licks
Improvisional tunes
Improvisational tunes
Guitar Hero licks
Musical runs
Jazzmen's specialties
Jazzman's specialties
Guitarist's licks
"Mad About You" restaurant
Jazz melodies
Wordless phrases, perhaps
Eric Clapton solos
Jazzmen's licks
Guitar licks
Jazz solos
Clapton's forte
Jazz motifs
Jazz refrains
Jazz figures
Berbers of Morocco
Moroccan natives
North Africans.
Repeated phrases in swing music.
People of the Moroccan coast.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.