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Crossword Clues for RIGS

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Clue Source Date
Oil-drilling equipment Newsday 29 Nov 2020
Big trucks USA Today 22 Nov 2020
Equips USA Today 09 Nov 2020
Road semis Premier Sunday 08 Nov 2020
Fixes, as an outcome New York Times 27 Oct 2020
Fixes illegally USA Today 23 Oct 2020
Semis Universal 03 Aug 2020
Lineup at a truck stop New York Times 11 Jun 2020
Readies for sailing The Washington Post 10 Jun 2020
Dishonestly fixes USA Today 09 Mar 2020
Offshore oil drillers LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2020
Fixes, as a fight Universal 20 Jan 2020
Fixes, as a contest Newsday 03 Dec 2019
Fixes, as a ball game USA Today 24 Nov 2019
Weigh station lineup New York Times 24 Nov 2019
Oil equipment The Washington Post 22 Nov 2019
Tampers with, as an election USA Today 13 Oct 2019
Offshore drilling sites USA Today 12 Oct 2019
Fixes, as an election USA Today 05 Oct 2019
Fixes on the sly The Washington Post 04 Oct 2019
Fixes wrongly? New York Times 12 Jun 2019
Eighteen-wheelers The Washington Post 08 Feb 2019
Oil machinery New York Times 09 Jan 2019
Outfits Wall Street Journal 17 Nov 2018
Contraptions Newsday 09 Nov 2018
Pre-fixes? Universal 27 Sep 2018
Manipulates a contest Universal 30 Jul 2018
Oil field machinery USA Today 19 May 2018
Haulers on highways Newsday 16 Mar 2018
Semi trucks Universal 04 Mar 2018
Fixes outcomes Universal 07 Feb 2018
Fixes, in a way The Washington Post 24 Nov 2017
Big semi trucks Universal 30 Sep 2017
Tractor-trailers Family Time 07 Aug 2017
Fixes badly? Wall Street Journal 22 Jul 2017
Oil-drilling structures Newsday 25 Apr 2017
Predetermines fight outcomes Universal 08 Feb 2017
Fits with sails Universal 24 Jan 2017
Tampers with Newsday 22 Jan 2017
Fixes beforehand, as the outcome Universal 08 Dec 2016
Long haulers USA Today 19 Nov 2016
Ocean eyesores New York Times 24 Jul 2016
Tractor trailers LA Times Daily 21 Jun 2016
Drilling sites New York Times 07 May 2016
Fixes, as fights Universal 13 Mar 2016
Makes unfair Newsday 15 Jan 2016
Oil field sights New York Times 06 Dec 2015
Oil-drilling platforms The Times Concise 17 Nov 2015
Fixes, as a carnival game Universal 16 Nov 2015
Arranges New York Times 13 Nov 2015
Fixes dishonestly Newsday 20 Jul 2015
Predetermines the outcome Eugene Sheffer 27 Apr 2015
Highway haulers Eugene Sheffer 20 Feb 2015
Fixes, as games
Fixes the outcome
Fixes, as a vote
Truck stop sights
Excavates again
Fixes, say
Arranges, as a prize fight
Fixes improperly
Oil apparatuses
Hard-to-park vehicles
Fixes, as an contest
Highway weigh station targets
"Arranges" a prize fight
Fixes, as election results
Arranges a prize fight?
Throws together
Truckers' trucks
They're in it for the long haul
Manipulates, as a carnival game
Fixes, so to speak
Convoy components, often
Arranges the outcome
Truck stop stoppers
Pre-arranges the outcome
Convoy lineup
Assembles, with "up"
Sulky and surrey
Fixes election results
Horses and carriages
Teamsters' vehicles
Puts in proper order, nautically
Fixes a fight
Manipulates, as an election
Carriage-and-horse setups
Arranges crookedly
Manipulates the outcome
They're in for the long haul
Sets of gear
Manipulates the outcome of a contest
Manipulates an outcome, as a contest
Teamsters' wheels
Convoy components
Puts up sails
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.