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Crossword Clues for RIMA

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Clue Source Date
Italian poetic form New York Times 30 Mar 2018
"Green Mansions" heroine played by Audrey Hepburn LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2017
Feature of un poema New York Times 01 Jul 2016
Statue at London's Hudson Memorial Newsday 16 May 2015
Device for un poeta
Italian verse form
"Green Mansions" girl
Italian lyrical verse
Feature of "pasta" and "basta"
Ottava ___ (Italian stanza)
Hudson heroine
Ottava ___ (poetry type)
Terza ___ (Italian verse form)
Poesia feature
Terza ___ (verse form)
'Green Mansions girl'
"Green Mansions" heroine
Terza ____
Ottava __ (Italian verse form)
Terza ___ (kind of verse form)
Green Mansions girl
Abel's "Green Mansions" love
The Bird Girl of "Green Mansions"
Bird girl of "Green Mansions"
Green Mansions heroine
Bird girl in Green Mansions
Terza ___ (Dante's verse form)
Abel's love
Narrow cleft
W. H. Hudson heroine
Dante's terza ___
Heroine of "Green Mansions"
Terza ___
P. I. breadfruit
Long aperture
Terza ___.
Passage in the throat.
Terza ___, Dante's verse form.
"Green Mansions" heroine.
Heroine of "Green Mansions."
Hudson girl.
Terza ___, verse form.
Hudson heroine.
"Green Mansions" girl.
Terza ___ of 48 Across.
Audrey Hepburn role.
Hepburn role on "Green Mansions."
Dante's terza ___.
"Bird girl" in "Green Mansions."
Terza ___, verse form used by Dante.
Philippine breadfruit.
Breadfruit of P.I.
"Bird-girl" of "Green Mansions."
"Green Mansion" girl.
The "bird-girl” of "Green Mansions.”
Heroine of "Green Acres."
Cleft or fissure, in biology.
Cleft or fissure: Biol.
Fissure: Biol.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.