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Crossword Clues for RIME

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Clue Source Date
Hoarfrost Irish Times Simplex 06 Jul 2020
Frosty coat Wall Street Journal 26 May 2020
Frost Eugene Sheffer 25 May 2020
Ancient mariner's story, e.g LA Times Daily 17 May 2020
Frost formed from fog New York Times 09 Apr 2020
Coating of frost Universal 25 Mar 2020
Frosty coating Universal 21 Nov 2019
Frosty encrustation New York Times 27 Oct 2019
Coleridge work The Washington Post 19 Oct 2019
Winter coat The Washington Post 22 Sep 2019
Winter coat? Universal 20 Aug 2019
Cold-weather coat New York Times 25 May 2019
Coleridge creation Newsday 19 May 2019
Icy winter coating The Washington Post 13 May 2019
Dubai dignitary / Winter coat New York Times 09 Apr 2019
Wintry coating USA Today 17 Nov 2018
Hoarfrost kin Universal 24 Sep 2018
Frosty film New York Times 22 Sep 2018
Window coating Wall Street Journal 20 Sep 2018
Frozen dew, hoarfrost The Times Specialist Sunday 19 Aug 2018
Frost coating Universal 25 Jul 2018
Frosty covering Family Time 02 Jul 2018
''The ... of the Ancient Mariner'' (Coleridge) Irish Times Simplex 11 Jun 2018
Winter frost Family Time 29 Apr 2018
Winter window coating
Icy coating USA Today 24 Dec 2017
Wintry coat Universal 06 Oct 2017
Hoar frost The Times Concise 26 Sep 2017
Coleridge's 'The __ of the Ancient Mariner' The Washington Post 18 Sep 2017
Coleridge's "The __ of the Ancient Mariner" LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2017
Winter coating USA Today 20 Aug 2017
'The __ of King William': Old English poem The Washington Post 12 Aug 2017
"The __ of King William": Old English poem LA Times Daily 12 Aug 2017
'The __ of the Ancient Mariner' The Washington Post 20 Jun 2017
"The __ of the Ancient Mariner" LA Times Daily 20 Jun 2017
Frozen coating on trees and grass Universal 14 Jun 2017
"The ___ of the Ancient Mariner" Universal 31 Aug 2016
Cold weather coat Family Time 10 Jul 2016
Extra layer in winter? Universal 27 Jun 2016
Icy glaze Newsday 02 Jun 2016
Icy covering USA Today 17 Apr 2016
Frozen coating The Washington Post 06 Apr 2016
Hoar USA Today 06 Mar 2016
Icy cover LA Times Daily 25 Aug 2015
Frost — what did he write, would you say? The Times Cryptic 18 Feb 2015
Frost's old-fashioned verse The Times Cryptic 23 Jan 2015
Cold coating
Winter storm coverage?
Hoarfrost relative
Frost's frost
Frost poem recited (4)
Coating of ice or frost
Winter-weather coat?
Word in a Coleridge title
Cold weather build-up
'The -- of the Ancient Mariner'
"Ancient Mariner" verse
"__ of the Ancient Mariner"
Icy frost
Windshield whitener
Coat of frost
Wintry frost
Natural coat
Winter covering
White coat
Skin of frost
Cover with hoarfrost
Cold coat
Cold covering
Icy coat
Nature film?
Frosty cover
Windshield cover, sometimes
White coating
Frost relative
Granular coating
Poem, to Coleridge
Relative of hoarfrost
Cold crust
Ancient Mariner's poem
Coleridge opus
Coleridge verse
Frozen fog
Seussian device
Jesse Jackson speech feature
Frost, to Frost
75 Mariner's poem
December dew
Freezer coating
Icy crystals
Seasonal tree cover
__ riche (poetic device)
Coating of ice
Coleridge poem
Coleridge product
Frost often seen in Vt.
"The ___ was on the spray": Hardy
Jack Frost's handiwork
Frozen dew
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.