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Crossword Clues for RISING

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Clue Source Date
I confess, supporting Republican revolution The Telegraph Cryptic 27 May 2020
Getting up Universal 06 Mar 2020
Is part of the inner circle of Easter 1916 Irish Times Crosaire 03 Feb 2020
Skyrocketing Premier Sunday 03 Nov 2019
Revolt is contained by band The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Oct 2019
Rebellion The Telegraph Quick 10 Oct 2019
Armed revolt against authority Irish Times Simplex 19 Aug 2019
Hannibal ____ is, chronologically, the first in the series which includes The Silence of the Lambs The Times Specialist Sunday 21 Jul 2019
Is part of the inner circle? That's revolting! Irish Times Crosaire 06 Jun 2019
On the up-and-up? Family Time 05 May 2019
Being affected by yeast New York Times 03 Mar 2019
With 61-Down, global warming consequence, and a hint to the circled letters Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2019
Easter ____, 1916 rebellion in Dublin which included the proclamation of an Irish Republic The Times Specialist Sunday 26 Aug 2018
Riot gear -- wrong parts The Telegraph Toughie 24 Aug 2018
On the increase Wall Street Journal 21 May 2018
Is in the band, on the up The Sun Two Speed 13 Mar 2018
Ascending The Sun Two Speed 13 Mar 2018
Revolt is encircled, apparently The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Feb 2018
On the way up
In place of fighting, is standing up The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Nov 2017
In boxing world, is on the increase The Telegraph Toughie 22 Aug 2017
Irish turning up to celebrate historical event in Dublin The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Aug 2017
Group penning single's making progress The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Feb 2017
One's in group carrying out rebellion The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Sep 2016
On the upswing Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2016
Getting up the Spanish leave riesling The Sun Two Speed 03 Jan 2016
Up-and-coming Wall Street Journal 03 Oct 2015
Revolution is going in circle The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jul 2015
Ascension The Telegraph Quick 13 Feb 2015
Revolt The Times Concise 05 Jan 2015
Gaining altitude
Tom Clancy's "Red Storm ___"
On the upturn
On an upswing
On the ascent
Heading up
"Bad Moon ___" (1969 Creedence Clearwater Revival hit)
Greeting the day
___ star (up-and-comer)
Like the bread in the oven
Going up.
What a barometer often is.
Coming up.
On the assent.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.