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Crossword Clues for ROLO

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Clue Source Date
Candy with a gooey center LA Times Daily 20 Nov 2020
Cone-like candy The Washington Post 31 Oct 2020
Caramel candy Wall Street Journal 21 Sep 2020
Chocolate-caramel candy Wall Street Journal 08 Aug 2020
Hershey caramel-filled candy New York Times 08 Jul 2020
Chocolate-caramel candy brand LA Times Daily 05 Jul 2020
Caramel-filled candy Universal 19 Apr 2020
Milk Dud rival LA Times Daily 15 Mar 2020
Candy wrapped in a tube New York Times 16 Feb 2020
Candy in a cylindrical package USA Today 03 Nov 2019
Candy whose center is caramel Universal 03 Nov 2019
Chewy Hershey's candy Universal 27 Oct 2019
Caramel candy brand Universal 03 Oct 2019
Popular caramel candy New York Times 27 Sep 2019
Chewy Hershey treat USA Today 10 Jun 2019
Caramel-filled Hershey's brand Jonesin 07 May 2019
Caramel-filled candy brand USA Today 30 Apr 2019
Caramel-and-chocolate candy USA Today 16 Apr 2019
Caramel-filled Hershey's candy USA Today 02 Mar 2019
Frustum-shaped candy Wall Street Journal 03 Jan 2019
Candy in a gold wrapper
Caramel-and-chocolate candy brand USA Today 15 Nov 2018
Chocolate-covered caramel brand Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2018
'Chewy Caramels in Milk Chocolate' USA Today 28 Apr 2018
Hershey brand New York Times 18 Mar 2018
Hershey chocolate New York Times 11 Feb 2018
Chewy Hershey candy The Washington Post 11 Jan 2018
Candy in a cylinder
"Chewy Caramels in Milk Chocolate"
Cylindrical Hershey's candy USA Today 11 Dec 2017
Chocolate/caramel candy New York Times 07 Jul 2017
Round caramel candy The Washington Post 06 Jun 2017
Candy aisle choice The Washington Post 30 Apr 2017
Candy shaped like a conical frustum Wall Street Journal 25 Jan 2017
Hershey's caramel candy LA Times Daily 25 Oct 2016
Hershey chocolate-and-caramel candy New York Times 24 Apr 2016
Chewy caramel candy LA Times Daily 29 Feb 2016
Nestlé candy brand New York Times 06 Dec 2015
Chocolate candy brand New York Times 05 Dec 2015
Cylindrical caramel candy LA Times Daily 18 Aug 2015
___ Minis (Hershey's offering)
Chewy chocolate-covered Hershey's candy
Lampshade-shaped treat
Lampshade-shaped chocolate
Chewy candy brand
Hershey caramel candy
Candy with caramel
Hershey candy
Hershey's candy
Chocolate-coated caramel candy
Candy in a tube
Chocolate-and-caramel candy
Chewy candy treat
Caramel-filled treat
Hershey's candy in a tube
Caramel-in-chocolate brand
Caramel-chocolate candy
Chocolate-and-caramel brand
Hershey's caramel-and-chocolate brand
Caramels sold by Hershey
Chewy candy
Fez-shaped candy from Hershey's
Bit of Hershey's candy
Caramel candy from Hershey
Candy with caramel from Hershey's
Hershey brand with caramel
Candy brand with caramel and chocolate
Chocolate and caramel candy
Candy rack choice
Circular, in product names
Candy brand
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.